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New Himalayan cat

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Ok so yesterday I bought a Himalayan cat from a breeder (800USD, though it was originally 1200USD but my uncle was friends with the guy ). Here's a photo of the cat (scroll down and it's the last one, 3 months old now): http://rosramicattery.com.mx/espanol/Disponibles.htm

Of course with this acquisition I have a lot of questions, so I hope someone can answer me.

First of all I used to have acne, and now I'm in the final steps of my Roaccutane treatment, I really don't want to get acne, so should I let the cat sleep near my face like he did today? Or can this contact cause acne or something? I usually wash my face with a special soap on mornings and nights.

Secondly, what food do you recommend I give him? The breeder said Royal Canin and sold me a bag, so I just want different opinions.

Thirdly, how should I introduce him to my other cats, cause yesterday they got all angry and started making noises at each other.

Also the breeder said I should bathe him once per month at least and cut his nails. Is this really necessary? He said I should bring him to expositions, so take that into consideration.

Well that's what I can think of right now. He's being REALLY playful unlike my other common cats, and he gets all scared when we leave him enclosed in my room.
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On the food ??
try reading this link
royal canin is a premiumd food with lots of grains .. decent to good food but for the $$ it IMHO is overpriced..

cat introductions should be slow ...I will try to find you some of the links on site to aid you

for the bathing I will let someone else answer ... yes nail clipping of the indoor cat is a needed thing
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My breeder told me to get royal canin also for cleo when she comes.
He also told me to use Nutral can.
Kittens are very playful at 3 months.
I would ask the dr about your acne medicine or see if a vet knows anything. Oreo and Sasha were both very hyper when I got them and Sasha was scared.
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I don't know anything about the Acne, ask your Dr. on that one. You need to introduce them real slow. You can put the new one in a room and let the others sniff under the door, then when things slow down, put the baby in a crate or carrier and let the others smell her. The important thing is to go slow and don't let them interact for a bit until the hissing gets past, she is just a baby and the others could frighten her or even hurt her. As for the Royal Canin It is okay and I would leave her on it as she has enough stress to deal with right now and changing food can upset her. As for the baths that is something you will have to determine on your own some do and some don't.
Good luck and congratulations.
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My Kitten was on Purina One, but she was having digestive problems with it... After much research, the best DRY food I found was Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care Indoor Kitten. It is more expensive than Purina, but it has done a big difference on her; especially on her energy level and digestion. Wet food wont work for me due to my traveling schedule - I need to leave food available for her throughout the day. As far as Acne goes, I would also ask the vet if those creams are safe for her - cats are always licking themselves, and some creams are pretty harsh. I don't think it will affect your acne though...
I haven't trimmed her nails yet, but she is pretty good about scratching only on her scratch post. Instead of washing, I brush her every day with a Boar Bristle Brush - she loves it.

I hope this helps!
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Cleopatras breeder told me to use nutro natural balance lamb and chicken can and Royal Canin Kitten.
You can always ask the vet what to use.
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