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Hi I am new here

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I don't really know what I am doing, but I have a question I was hopeing someone could help me with.... I got a cat a few months ago and she is female.. a few weeks ago there was a black male cat hanging around and a couple of days later my neighbour came and said that she had seen the black cat on top of my cat and thought they were mating. Before all this though she was acting a bit strange crowching down giving a strange meow etc. I didnt really know if she had fallen pregnant or not so my partner said well all we can do is wait and see... I got everything I will need just incase she is having kittings blankets heat pads etc, Last night my partner picked her up for a cuddle like he always doesn and put her down again then notticed he had a spot of blood on his top. I am now very confused I have never had a cat before so dont know alot about them is she in heat now and this is the reason she is bleeding or could it be something else? If anyone could help with this matter I would be very greatful
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How long ago was she possibly bred? Cats are generally pregnant for around 63 days, sometimes a little longer. They can have discharge for a few days or even a couple weeks before they give birth, which could be what you are seeing. Cats do not bleed when they are in heat. I'd advise a trip to the vet ASAP to make sure everything is ok, and your vet can tell you for sure if she's pregnant or not.
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What do her nipples look like? usually if they are big looking and pink, she could be preggo. But if she isnt, you should get her spayed so she cant breed. If she is, you should get her spayed after the kittens are weaned.
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she has now went at the bottom of my daughters wardrope and seen that she was licking herself alot, I only notticed she was in there when her heard her meow, she is still beeding but keeps cleaning herself, I have put some old bedding down for her to lie on, I dont think it was that long since she was bred a month ago maybe more. I will phone the vet tomorrow and see what they say.
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I think under the circumstances, you should not wait another day to at least talk to a vet. From the things I have read, it could be that she's aborting her litter, but it could be something more serious. I would sit with her and watch what's happening. Is it possible that she could have gotten out or been bred sooner than you think?
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