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Question of the day Nov 23rd!!!

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Being Gray Cup Sunday here in Canada my question pertains to sports.

Do you enjoy watching sports, either live or on TV?

I am not much of a sports fan, I don't attend sporting events and very rarely watch it on TV. I guess about the only sport I really know anything about would Hockey ehh ( they won't let you be Canadain if you don't) but I still don't really follow it much either.
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American football, and more specifically, my beloved Green Bay Packers!
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Yes I do enjoy watching sports on TV and in person. It's something, too, that I can do with my boyfriend! He is always amazed at how much I know about the sports I am watching.

Eventhough we have the champion Red Wings here... I am not much for hockey. This is one sport I don't understand the rules, etc.
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I LOVE football, and football only. I will watch hockey if I'm at a game but that's really it. Golf makes me
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No, not really. I like Equestrian sports but that's pretty much it. I do watch the Super Bowl every year, but that's tradition not because I like football
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Nope, don't like and don't watch any sports
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Today is sunday so we will watch football all day.
My teams are Raiders,49ers and Cowboys.
They are all bad teams.
My favorite hockey team is the Sharks and they are good.
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Not really, sometimes I get into them but for the most part would rather do something else, they just last for so many hours. My husband is into all of it big time though, making up for my lack of attention span and interest
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Not much of a sports fan. I enjoy baseball, but don't go out of my way for it.
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Pittsburgh Steelers football, baby! Aaaawww yeeaa!
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I only like watching basketball
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I like to watch ice hockey, but I don't follow it as closely as I used to when I was younger. Other than that, I'm not very sports minded.
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Good thing we don't have cable or Neil would be glued in front of the TV watching more sports!!
If a football game is on the TV is on. We usually make it to a Packer game once or twice a year.
I'll watch some high school girls and boys basketball games when they play at state (in March).
I'll watch ice skating too.
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I don't like to watch much sports on TV. I like to watch women's college basketball, mostly UCONN Huskies. Sometimes I like to watch baseball games (Boston Red Sox) and football (New England Patriots).

I do love going to Red Sox games at Fenway though. Especially when I get wicked good seats through work.
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Watch sports. Did I ever post anything about being the best Oakland A's fan or that we are season ticket holders? I even watch them on television.

As for football, I prefer to watch college football. When I was at Cornell, I was a volunteer usher for which I got to stand in the rain and watch Cornell lose.

Then I went to grad school at the U of Michigan. We got MBA block seats. When the players ran on the field, I said, "They look like professionals! They are a third bigger than the Cornell guys!" They were, and 3 of them went on to the pros.

For all other sports, I need to be there. I really dislike basketball and hockey. Funny, since Cornell has a pretty good hockey team.
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Originally Posted by clixpix View Post
American football, and more specifically, my beloved Green Bay Packers!
Go Pack!

Maybe I am a bit strange, but I bug my husband to put the football games on.
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As you can CLEARLY see, I may be a bit of a Steelers fan. You don't even KNOW what I'm like when they are on...Travis won't even take me in public to see the games anymore because I get too rowdy
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