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Step 2 of needing advice.....

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ok..so i went to check out the kittys today at Petsmart from the shelter...Now ,remember, my Cosmo is 2 1/2 and I have never heard him hiss or growl...he is awesome. First there was an orange and white one who looked like my kittys twin , he was acting really, hyper and playful, trying to climb the cage, swatting at everything, etc...(maybe too hyper for my cat?).The second one was a medium haired orange kitty who was stunning but for some reason, not neutered yet (they will pay for it) and had a tiny syringe of yellow medicine hanging from his crate ( she wasnt sure whY) and the third who she fostered ( who I thought would be the best since she said she gives her fosters free roam and has big dogs and other cats and they all got along) who hissed and growled when I was holding her. OF course, the volunteer said she was shocked because she never heard her do this before. So...judging from the above info...what would you do? Oh by the way, the first two , the volunteer said, were fostered with dogs but were kept crated. Any advice would be infinitely appreciated.....Thanks...
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Doesn't sound like you're convinced about any of them. How about going to the shelter itself?

I know if you walked in OUR shelter, I could tell you more than you want to know about most of the cats there.
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I would just go with your own personal preference or gut instinct. There's really no sure way to predict which cat will get along best with yours. The important thing will just be do to do the introductions slowly and carefully, over an extended period of time.

If your cat is very mellow or inactive, then yes, a very hyper cat might be too much; but then again, you just might have caught that cat during a play period.

Try visiting again to get a second impression of each cat.
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I personally would not get a cat that hissed at me...just my opinion. The first one sounds cool. Playing and being sociable is a good sign. Your kitty is 2 1/2....that is still prime playing years!! They would probably be a hoot to have because they look the same....can you imagine them wrestling. Cute!!

Also, go with your gut as the other poster said. Which do you prefer, if any? When I was looking for my third I was not finding any at the other two shelters I got my other two at. Made me nervous.

I went to another shelter about 30 miles away and looked at around 40 cats. Rocko was in confinement off the main floor because he had ringworm along with a few others cats. He was literally the LAST CAT i had seen and he turned out to be "the one". I just new.

Looking at just those three may not be enough. I would also recommend getting a book or reading all the postings on cat introductions. You say Cosmo has never hissed etc. But you will see him do that for sure if you get another cat. I just don't want you to be suprised and freaked out by what are "typical" or even not so typical cat reactions to being introduced.

Good luck! and we want pics ASAP!
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