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There's movement!!

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Whew, 13 days left to go and I finally got to feel a baby kicking and moving about. Bonnie is looking really good, however not as big as I had envisioned. Having said that, there is at least one in there and it's right on schedule for movement. My neighbour said that she looks bigger even from just 2 days ago, so maybe I don't notice as much? I'm just too excited for the impending delivery, and I am so impatient LOL. I know I'm not the only one who gets this feeling at this point in the game. How can one NOT get excited for babies??

Anyway, I have readied her birthing closet (it's a walk-in), have the heating pads ready...too bad she likes the shelves full of throws and blankets, sheets, etc. She has burrowed herself on the second shelf...she looks cute in there, but not a suitable area...too small.

I have her birthing bed ready, too bad all the other cats like it more than she does LOL. I will be closing the closet door so they can't get in there and then she can feel its her area.

I will post pictures next week of what she looks like as for size.
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Sounds like she is right on time to me.
My Meeko is fatter now then when she was preg.
You would even have know she was preg except for her nipples.
She never did show.
Good luck with your kittens.
Meeko just had 1 huge kitten that I lost last Jan 11 at age 5.
You sound like you are ready.
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aww That is the best feeling - I loooove movement inside the belly, it's like a Christmas present you just can't wait to open and see!!
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Mews2much, I am hoping for more than one, just so it's not an only child....and of course so I can play with more than one LOL. I am thinking she'll have 4, but even that isn't the best guess because of the growth that will occur in the coming weeks.

Mommy, oh that's exactly how it feels...like Christmas presents taunting you all of the time!!! LOL.

Because my Bonnie is pretty bald, the feeling is so much more real...almost like you could touch them...the one I felt, you could feel so much...I can't wait for a few more days of feeling and groping LOL just to see if I can pinpoint what I'm feeling..ie: legs and heads etc.

Her pregnancy is going quite well IMO, but she doesn't jump up and down for her KMR that I've been trying to make sure she gets. She has been eating much more these past 2 days, which is good.

OH I am sooooo excited!!!
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