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Bad cat owner rant.

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My fiance's living with some of his friends right now, and one of them lives there with his gf. She works all day, and doesn't really have time to give her cat any attention. I usually play and cuddle with her cat, and my fiance's brother spends a lot of time with her too (she sleeps with him in his room), so I wasn't too concerned. Her cat had warmed up to ours, and sometimes snuck into our room to pee. No biggie. Except she peed A LOT.
Last week, I was doing some laundry, and I noticed that their cat box was in there. It smelled HORRIBLE. I decided to clean it because I felt bad for the cat, and also because it looked straight up unsanitary. I started trying to sift out the clumps, and I literally had no place to start! The whole box was packed SOLID! By the time I got everything out there was literally a quarter of an inch of really dirty litter left behind. I wanted to throw it out, wash the box, and refill it, but they didn't even have any litter, and I had just done my cat's boxes so I was out too.
I was so disgusted by the condition of that cat box, I don't even know what to say to that girl. Cats are NOT hard to care for.
Now it makes sense that her cat darts into our room to pee half a gallon. Poor thing has to hold it all day because her box is so nasty.
This girl also has a dog that she keeps crated the whole time she's at work. That dog is a monster, but I can't blame it on anyone but the girl. What else will that dog do with all her energy if she's locked up 8-10 hours a day!? She never walks her, and just lets her out back for a few minutes a day to poo in the gravel in the back yard. The poo/gravel ratio is pretty close to 50/50 now too. :/
And on top of all that she constantly complains that my cat nibbles on her cat's food throughout the day. As if I would want my cat eating science diet. I'd much rather she didn't leave it out at all.
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You ahve to step in and say and or do something. She is neglecting her cat and her dog. There is absolutely nothing the cat or dog can do about it, but continue to be neglected. The litter box must be cleaned, a cat can get very sick holding her urine in, not to mention all of the bacteria lurking in her box. If you dont step up to the plate and help these animals, they will continue to be treated with disgust.
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This types of stories just make me sad....poor animals....sounds like they might be better off else where...I have seen and heard so many stories just like this..neglected animals....If it was me I'd be doing something about it..maybe simply talking to her about her pets...might prompt her to do whats best for the animals...Just my thougths...

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I left her a note. She can approach me if she feels she needs to. If it happens again, I'll talk to her.
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Just my humble opinion.....I'm glad you left her a note...I would also give her a time limit....and keep an eye on things...if she doesn't address the litter box situation, and continues to keep the dog crated.....I would take things into my own hands and phone the animal welfare folks. The dog can't be happy 'locked' up all day.

Her feelings on pet ownership isn't unique...I know folks ranging in age from mid-20's to their 70's who feel that pets are akin to lamps....nice to look at, nice to have......but don't want to really get involved with their care....and it's a real shame for the pets.

You're doing the right thing by letting her know that you aren't agreeable to the discomfort of her pets. The pets are the most important feature here....please look out for them.....good luck!
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