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A major question!

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okay im new here, and ive got a question. My cat is pregnet! i know this because shes bigger and i can see and feel the kitten(s). I have not taken her to the vet, i know i know....i need to... but im wondering what are some of the signs that she's going into labor? i want to be there for her...and its been almost a month. So if anyone could help, i'd really like that~! thanks~!
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Do you remember when she started crying and wanting a lot of attention? Putting her tail up and to the side? If so, the birth will be approximately nine weeks from that time. There is an almost foolproof way. Get her average temperature with a rectal thermometer. (Use vaseline, and hold her perfectly still if you are going to do this. Have someone else with you!) It will be around 101. When you think the nine weeks are almost up, check her temperature often. When it drops a degree, she'll probably give birth within 24 hours.

You should have a warm, private, dark place ready for her. I pad a box with towels, and put a layer of newspaper on top. If she approves of the spot, she'll start tearing up the paper and lying in the box. She will probably check out other spots in the house too. Don't palpate the kittens. Just rest your hand gently on her tummy, and if they move, they move. When she is done giving birth, change the towels and the padding also, if necessary. The kittens move visibly by 7 weeks.

The last couple of days she will want lots of attention, if she's like my cats. I check her private area. She will have a spot of blood often during the last couple of days, and then a bit of mucous. Eventually there will be more mucous. Finally, she will begin to have contractions. Sometimes a new mother, especially a very young one, will have to be taken to the box. Have the vet's number handy, and it's wise to know what to do if mother does not take the sack off of the kitten. The kitten has to have the sack removed in order to breathe. I keep clean towels ready to rub up the kitten if Mother cat has her kittens fast. There are many other things you can do, but I would get a book now and start reading. Usually the mother will do everything on her own, but it pays to be ready for emergencies. Keep the emergency 24 hour number handy!

We strongly recommend spaying and neutering pet cats. There are millions put to sleep every year. Good luck! Let us know if you need more help, but I know you realize we can't take the place of a veterinarian!
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Thanks...yes i remeber when she was doing so excited..shes getting so big...she's like my baby she always wants me to go with her when she's wierd. I'll let you know when they are born~!
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Jean Mill, a reputable breeder and originator of the bengal breed says in her book that you should "not attempt to change the bedding untill the kittens are at least two weeks old, for the birthing ordor is important to the new litter."
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Lynx, I'll certainly look into that. Mother cats don't usually like any odors that will attract predators. That was the reasoning given to me regarding the bedding.

To quote this article from the Cat Fancier's Association, you should change the bedding several times during the birthing of kittens.

Ish, this same article should be very helpful to you or any one who has never been through the experience before! There are some very thorough descriptions and suggestions!
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That article did help...shes been digging alot lately and then again shes just been lying arrond with her fanny in the i don't know~! But thanks again for the help~!
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You'll be fine, Ish! I hope everything goes well with the birth. If you get nervous, read the article again. She'll probably handle things well herself, however. Good luck. It's an exciting time.
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When when when is these kittens gonna come out and say hello~!? lol im so impatient...
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They're going to come when you're so sleepy you can barely stay awake, or when you have work coming out of your ears, and most definitely just when you don't expect it! Actually, I'd keep checking her private area for a mucous discharge or a bit of blood. Kittens are just like human babies; they come at the most awkard time, maybe when your favorite movie is on TV or you have a date with the cutest guy you know. We'll pace the floor with you, Ish!
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lol yeah they probibly will....maybe she'll have them when i am arround though...i would love to see them born.. I had a dream last night that they were born.. There was only 3 and one had the printts of a tiger... so im excited...usually my dreams come ture~!
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Ish, Just a word of caution. Nursing mother cats can get pregnant, so please keep her away from Toms! The kittens should stay with Mommy and learn from interacting with her and the littermates until they are about 12 weeks, even if they have been weaned! Ask the vet when you should have her spayed. Good luck! I hope they come soon.
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okie dokie~! i never knew that~! guess i got alot to learn still~! lol thanks~!
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Please get her de sexed after this litter !!!
This is a plea , STOP unwanted kittens ....
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Sam, I think Ish is a responsible young woman, and will do what's best. She's obviously interested in learning as much as she can. I understand your concern, since that is our policy here. I have talked to Ish about it also. It is a huge problem, with millions of animals put to sleep in shelters every year. Right now she's very excited and concerned about the birth, and I can understand that.
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Ok Jeanie, I wasn't meaning to be rude at all, I'm sorry Ish If I hurt your feelings , I hope all of your kittens get good homes
Kind Regards
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Sam, I'm sure Ish understands. It's an important point. You probably didn't notice that I had mentioned it.

Hey, Ish! What's the news? Please keep it touch! Any problems?
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SHE HAD her kittens~! i wanst there though~! :-( but they are beautiful and she did a wonderful job~! There are two oragne, two black and one grey~! there so somaal compared to her...She loves them to death...she doesnt like the box i put out for her though...i dont know how i can get her to move them...oh well if you have any more advice chime in~! oh and i will get her fixed...dont worry...daddy said NO MORE~! lol thanks again~!
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If she's determined that she likes the spot she chose, she will keep moving them there, unless she's confined to a cage. Unless they're in danger where they are, leave them alone. There's always the possibility that the kittens could get hurt in the move.

I'm glad your parents are going to have her spayed. In the meantime, you are in for a lot of excitement. I would not pick up the little ones for a few days. But do let them get used to your touch before their eyes open. I would put mother cat's food in the same room, and give her especially nourishing food. Kitten chow would be good, but mix it into the food she's on so that it doesn't upset her digestive system. I mix canned food with the dry food. And make sure she has clean water. I put a litter box in the room, because she might not want to leave the kittens for a couple of days.

Cats are wonderful mothers, aren't they? I'm glad all went well with the birth. Keep in touch, please.
Here's a link that might be helpful to you. I wish you lots of luck. Enjoy the babies!
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She seams fine to leave them..but only for a while~! im so excited
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Congratulations on your new litter! Please send photos when you can!
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lol the kittens are sooo cute...we have 3 boys and 2 girls....they're all healthy...and cute as a is starting to open his eyes..i cant wait...i have a question though....why happens if they're eyes are forced open???or can they open too early??
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Ish, their eyes mustn't be forced open! They will open when they're ready. Mother cat deliberately chooses a dark place to protect their eyes, even though they're closed. Please check that link I gave you. There's always more to learn-for all of us. I'm learning something new here all the time, and I've had cats all my life! Often the eyes will open over a period of several days. Some kittens start at 5 days, others at six, etc. Please read as much as you can, and keep it touch. There are many forums here-for education, discussion, of just plain fun!
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i thought that they shouldnt i was just making sure...i have a little brother and he asked my if he could open their eyes i said no let them do i was just wondering~! thanks~!
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