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Don't want to post this

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Because putting it into words makes it so real, and I was hoping that any minute, Rip would be waltzing through the door, but it has been 4 days since I last saw her, and I fear for her safety. She was upstairs in confinement, recovering from a very bad wound. She ripped open the heavy steel covering over the doorway and escaped off the roof. That was 4 days ago, and she never has stayed gone. I fear that whoever hurt her before, has his hands on her again and this time she can't get away. I pray I am wrong, but it is not like her to stay gone, in the 9 years that I have had her, she has never wandered very far. The slice on her belly that was stitched up looked like a deliberate cut, it was to clean to be an accident or another animal. Please God, let Ripster come home tonight safe and sound. I really miss her and want her back badly.
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oh no! I will definitly be praying for Rips safe return! I know how much you must be hurting & I will be praying for you both.
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How big and strong was the door?? Is it possible for Ripster to open it and bolt? I am praying for her safe return.
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Oh, no! I hate for you to have to go through this again, the worrying and waiting. I'll say a prayer for Rip. I'll be thinking about you.
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I'm so very sorry. I will pray that Ripster comes home.
Jamie :kitten2:
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Some of you already know this, but for those who don't. Rip is home with a rip-roaring infection and she is painfully thin. BUT she is alive and I am so happy to see her. I guess she really does have 9 lives!
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I'm really glad. I'm *so* happy for you.
Take care,
Jamie :cat2:
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