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RIP Hobo

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I have just had an e-mail to say one of my ex-fosters has just had to be pts. We picked him up as a stray around February time, and I was asked to take him on to give him a home environment, which I did, and he was rehomed a few weeks later. I got an e-mail in July to say that he had been diagnosed with lymphoma, and the vet only gave him a month, but he did really well on steroids - I was very shocked at the news though, he had been sick the odd time at mine, but it seemed more after new foods, so we didn't think much of it. Sadly he had to be pts yesterday - his original tumour had shrunk and was fine, but he sadly had developed secondary tumours which were affecting his mouth - not bad for a cat who the vet said would only have a month. They sent me a pic taken last week, and he looked really well.

RIP little one, one of the lucky ones who we took off the street, and found a fab home for, just a shame you only had 8 months.
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At least he had that. RIP, Hobo.
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Rest In Peace Hobo
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RIP sweet boy.
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RIP sweet little Hobo.
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Thanks everyone, the vet actually estimated him to be 15.
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RIP Hobo.
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Oh no, that's really sad. Its good though, that he was able to find peace and love with a caring family.

Rest in Peace, Hobo
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Rest in Peace Hobo, I'm glad you found Love in the end.
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Godspeed over RB, Hobo! For 8 months you had the comfort, shelter & joys of a real home, and a bright beam of undying love to light your way over the RB Bridge
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