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Random pics of Lucas:)

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Here are some pics of my Lucas, he has been so sick lately with food allergies (we think), we are working on getting him better non stop, but that is a topic for another forum, sorry about that.

here is my Lucas looking sleepy but cute. he looked pretty good here, it was a good allergy free day.

here he is showing his new collar with his name and my phone number:

Inside a drawer, hehe

here is my poor baby with his his eyes red and swollen and his nose all red because of his allergies
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he is gorgeous
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Handsome boy!
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Thank you! I can't wait for him to get better and stop having those allergy attacks, I want him to be like he used to be, a happy boy.
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Awww poor baby Lucas... I love this little fella, so very handsome. I hope his allergies clear up really soon...
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Lucas is gorgeous! I love his pink nose

Hope he get`s better soon and you work out what is wrong with him
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Awwww he is such a beautiful boy
I hope he feels better really soon
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I love the drawer pic, he is such a pretty baby
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Thank you all. I'm off to the vet with Lucas right now, he is very sick and has a fever of 104. I'm so sad and worried
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Aww Im soooooooo sorry hes feeling so bad.
Sending huge prayers and vibes for your precious boy
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Thank you so much Pami, we appreciate your prayers and well wishes


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I just read his update in the health thread. Tamar, I am so very sorry. Still sending prayers for your sweetie that he wont have lupus.
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He is absolutely stunning, and he has the sweetest little face I've ever seen. I hope that his allergies get under control soon so he can feel better.
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