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How to cook the turkey giblets for cats?

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So this year I want ot cook the giblets and neck for the kitties but I have no idea how to do it. Does anyone have suggestions on how to do it and make them taste good for the furbabies?
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I've always just boiled them to make soup stock or gravy. Of course, I add salt and herbs, which aren't necessarily good for cats. I don't know if plain boiling leaves any flavor in the meat to feed the kitties.
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I bake the giblets and neck in a tiny bit of water while roasting the turkey.

While I wait for the turkey to cool before slicing, I strip the neck of the meat.

I then chop up the neck meat and giblets together with the water. Homemade turkey and giblet dinner! My kitty loves it... and it doesn't make her stomach upset! It's weird, because even if I leave the liver in she won't get sick. It's only when liver is in cat food that she gets sick, or when the liver isn't cooked (raw doesn't work). Go figure.

I started doing this so my pets wouldn't bother people while we serve and eat our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. I bet there are lots of ways to prepare the giblets for our kitty friends!
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