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must rehome cats

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It looks like I may have to rehome my cats as I can no longer care for them. I cannot find a no kill shelter in Eastern NC. If anyone here knows of one, or can please take any of them, PLEASE contact me.The thought of losing them is overwhelming, but taking them to a kill shelter would send me right over the edge. I have had no luck in finding homes for them.
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Iam in eastern Nc too... I wish I could take all of them, but we are honestly barely able to feed ours & the ferals...

Have your tried Linda Spears & The Haven-Friends for Life? Petfinder? FAPS?

Try Raleigh shelters too, even if you have to drive there, that would be better.

I hope your situation works itself out and you are able to keep them.
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Thanks for the list. There are several I might be able to get to if necessary.
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I just wanted to say how sorry I am to here that you can no longer have your cats. My thoughts will be with you that you can find a home for them in a timely fashion.
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So you might not have to????
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It is more likely than not that I will have to very soon.
I am still trying so it won't be last minute and I have to take them to a shelter that I cannot be sure will give them a chance. I have a friend that works in a no kill shelter, but she is 350 miles away. Ideally, I would like to get them to her, but that does not look like I will be able to.
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KAZY, if she (friend) will take all 4 is there some way we on the board could
help you get the cats to her? Do a car driving relay or something??

I'm in VA but maybe if we can find some folks nearer to you and your friend we could do it. 350 miles is not a huge huge distance, its about
6 hrs driving time...... I know its been done here before on the board.

And there are places that do pet transport (rescues) that might also
help you out...

Its a just a thought. Anyone out there able and willing to help Kazy? She loves her cats, and they do deserve a chance. Its a chance for us to do an easy good deed...

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Is there any chance if this works out with the cats progressively being driven that the cat of the soldier who has to go overseas could be included?
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Of your friends shelter is willing to take them then maybe the rescue league can help more as so many shelters are really full at the moment
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I'll PM you a list of transport resources that may be able to help. Good luck!
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Any new news?
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