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My good deed for the day.

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I rescued an innocent little black rabbit today! Bless it's soul Here is the story:

I noticed this morning as I was putting the recycling rubbish out, a baby black rabbit munching on the grass beside my dad's motorbike. I rushed indoors and grabbed my empty washing basket to catch him in, and managed to sneak up behind and place it on top of him. I also covered the basket with a small blanket to keep the draught away

I got hold of my mobile phone from the kitchen and called the RSPCA, who advised me to put him in a cat basket overnight and keep him in my shed with food and water.....No way was I keeping him in the freezing cold all night like that! So in the end I phoned my local vet who gave me a telephone number for an animal sanctuary.

I called the animal sanctuary and the woman who answered was so kind! She asked me to bring the rabbit up to her and she would take care of him. So I quickly dug out Arwen's cat basket and with the help of my sister's boyfriend, we got the rabbit in there safely.

After a half an hour's drive to the animal sanctuary, the woman greeted me at the door then showed me around the place, and also put little rabbit into his own warm hutch. I noticed whilst I was there some gorgeous kittens!

Anyway, after filling out the paperwork and giving my details so that she can contact me to say if Little Rabbit (as he is now called) has been claimed by his owners or not, I am quite relieved to see that he is now is a safe place

I could not leave that poor little creature out in the cold, especially now it's winter and foxes are about. I think I did the right thing by taking him somewhere nice, warm and safe
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good for you!!! it sounds like he must have been a pet at one time, the wild rabbits around here run if they feel a breeze
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Great job on catching the rabbit!
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Aww! Bless you
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Awww, I have a soft spot for black bunnies. I had one years ago I named "Bunny"...yeah, original I know. That definitely didn't sound like a wild bunny to me, and I hope they find the owners. Buns can be quick so they may not even know he got outside. I'm glad he's in a warm safe place now.
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Thank you for taking the time to make sure this animal was safe and sound
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