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Is this abuse?

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I live in an apartment complex. There's like six buildings lined up in a row with parking lots between them. Needless to say we're in an Urban area, our complex allows pets, but it doesn't allow pets to be outside without being on a leash, cats or dogs.

One of our downstairs neighbors has this beautiful brown with black stripes cat. She's the sweetest cat in the world and is very calm around people, a cat where everyone is her friend. The problem is she'll sit in parking spots, lie in the road, and walk up to people who may not be so friendly out of trust.

Then she began to get mangy, and whatever was going on they cleared it up, whatever it was. And I've never seen a flea or tick on her so she must have some frontline.

But, they've left her out when we had a hurricane going through, and they leave her out for days on end when they just, go away. They don't put a food dish out for her, or a water bowl.

She didn't have a collar on her even until one of the most recent notices. And she didn't get treatment for her sickleyness until one of the other notices.

I guess the sumary is, is this abuse? Because I feel like they don't really take care of her properly.

Also, what can I do if anything? I'm not close to these people really, and people don't like criticism, let's face it.

Any advice?
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Well I think that leaving her out for days when they go away without food or water is neglect. Do they know that you know the cat belongs to them? You could always take her in when they go away and feed her and stuff or leave food out. Or just walk up to them one day when she is around and say something like "ohh is this YOUR cat? do you know she must have gotten outside when you were away and she had no food or water the whole time you were gone??" Make it sound like you think it was an accident and that you were worried and kind of make them feel a little guilty about it and see their reaction. That way your first encounter with them isn't nasty and confrontational. Maybe offer to feed the cat for them when they go away.
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It's neglect and abuse in my book, def. neglect.

You just don't leave an animal without food, water, or shelter. They need all 3, period. No if ands or buts about it. Without those, it's neglect.
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We've put food and water out for her when they've gone away for a long time. And me an my roomates will pet her every time we see her, she drinks up the attention. Also, when she was out during the hurricane we let her in, and have let her in when it gets really cold out, or when they just go away for a long time. We had a kitten for a little bit, and she had to go away (it was a big incident) so we have some cat stuff we can take care of her with. It's kind of a strange balance letting her in, becuase at first I didn't really want to because this isn't her home and I didn't want her to think it was. But I wasn't going to just leave her out when the rain and winds were blowing so hard we had rain hitting our sliding glass doors when there's a five foot roof and balcony.

I've met the neighbors downstairs once. We found out it was their cat a couple weeks ago. One of my roomates got home from class and had some reading to do, so she sat outside and read her book and pet the cat. The downstairs neighbor walked by and said "Mocha (the cats name) get away from her" then turned to my roomate, "If you pet her she'll think she can just come to you whenever and won't stop bothering you. It's a lot to put up with her."

They kind of come off as thinking they're the best parents and only parents ever for this animal. And she is SO sweet, anyone would want her. They also have screaming fights like, once a week. So loud that we can hear them through the floor clearly. To be honest, I'm kind of scared to confront them about the animal in any way, espically if they may suspect us for playing with her, feeding her, or taking her in every now and then.

But, at the same time I feel so bad for the cat, and more and more she's just sitting in parking spots, lieing in the middle of the road (and she's dark so it's hard to see her at night!), begging to come in, begging for food and attention.

I'm not sure what to do.

Oh, as an edit/aside... We're about to get a new kitten in a few weeks. And when he comes we're not going to be in a position where she can come inside. So I don't know how to weene "mocha" off depending on us/what we can do to help her when that time comes, asside from leaving out a food and water dish outside for her.
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I know this cat isnt your responsibility, and thank you for being concerned for her well-being.

When you get another kitten, there is no reason why you cant bring Mocha in when the weather is bad, you could just confine her to the bathroom or another room in your house, until she can go back outside.
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In addition to looking out for her (bless you for doing that!), maybe try a little reverse psychology: When you see her owners, compliment them on what a wonderful, sweet cat she is and what a good job they've done with her temperament-wise. Maybe (and it's a big maybe) when they see other people appreciate her, they'll start appreciating her a little, too.

Maybe you could even offer to let her stay with you when they go away, under the guise of "you'd like the company for your cat."
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Brokenheart, that's not a bad idea, I'll try that!

Kittylove - I didn't know if the scents of another cat would disturb the kitten or not. So that was my hesitancy, but if it's bad out I don't think we really have an option.
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kittens adjust well to new cats/kittens. It's when they get older that they start getting upset about it. I wouldn't worry too much if you keep the older one in a seperate room though. I bring in new kitties all the time and as long as the other cat is out of site, none of mine get too upset about it.
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