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I just adopted a cat today!

He is a 2 yr old fixed cat named "Bam".I am changing his name though.
I only got him about an hour ago and he is super stressed out.He is so stressed he lunged at me twice and bit me once (not hard though).Apparently he is not normally like that though.So I am going to leave him alone for abit and let him settle.I only have ONE picture of him at the moment and it is not the best,but this is him.

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Awwww! He's a cutie! yeah, you know, just let him settle in and he will be fine!
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aw, look at his little moustache!!! very cute
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oh he's gorgeous! and i agree, just give him time, it's very early days!
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He might do best confined to a small room, like a bathroom, with food, water, a litter box, and a soft place to sleep. Keep him in there for 1-2 days and then let him out slowly to explore after that.
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Awww, he's adorable! Congrats on the new kitty!
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Heheh! Maybe now you know why he was named "Bam!" LOL

Very cute. Congratulations!

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Aww he is just scared, but I"m sure he will be fine in no time. he is adorable!
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Congratulations on your new addition! He may be skittish now, but I'm sure he'll calm down really soon and be your constant companion. Best of luck with that, he really is a handsome boy
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Thanks.He is really nervous still and for the most part he just hides right now.I emailed the woman last night and she told me he is a friendly and affectionate cat.So I now know he just needs time.

Once he is settled more I will get more pictures.But for now I am letting him do his thing and I just do my thing.

I am thinking of calling him Oreo...but it is a really common name,so I dunno yet.
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Do what Hissy advises, and that's to sit on the floor in the room with him and read a newspaper or magazine out softly so he gets to know your voice. Lay a trail of treats down as well.

Do this as long as it takes and he'll come out eventually
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Thanks! Thats a good idea! I will try that tonight.
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He is a handsome boy! I love black and white kitties...would have adopted one if my 3 furbabies hadn't come along needing a home first! I look forward to hearing about "Bam" as he warms to you and becomes part of the family. I'm sure the work getting him settled will be well worth the love you receive in return!
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I am thinking of calling him Oreo or Blackjack...not sure yet though.
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Originally Posted by 709Juggalette View Post
I am thinking of calling him Oreo or Blackjack...not sure yet though.
those would both be good... i like this site for name ideas, too: need a perfect name for a new pet?
looking there, i found these that i think would work...
Adrian -
Related Name: Adrien, Adrie, Hadrian, Adrianus; Meaning: Rich, wealthy dark one
Baiamul - Meaning: Black Swan
Bandit - after all, he has a mask!
Bete Noir -
Meaning: Meaning black beast for your black beauty friend
Bunderra -
Meaning: Black Wallaby
Dolan -
Meaning: Black-haired
Dooley -
Meaning: Dark hero
Doyle -
Meaning: The Dark Stranger - Newcomer
Duff, Dugan, Duncan, Dunn - all
Meaning: Dark Complexioned one
Kushi -
Meaning: Black one.
Mora -
Meaning: Blackberry.
Nigel -
Meaning: Black haired one.
Nimbus -
Meaning: Dark rain cloud. Type of halo or radiance.
Vader -
Meaning: For the dark moody pet
Zorro -
Meaning: Means fox in Spanish.
Zukua -
Meaning: Hebrew for shadow, shade
& those are just the ones for appearance!

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Ooooh! More choices! He still has no name.I actually thought of Domino too!
I am not gonna name him Blackberry tho,I have a pet rat named Blackberry!
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