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I need reassurance yall....

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I have had a friend of mine tell me that the med Buprenorphine that Fluffy's vet prescribed for her is a human morphine type pain medication used only for chronic pain (cancer, reconstructive surgery, amputation, etc.) or drug abuse treatment for withdrawals.

If the medication was for human use, then why did she give it to her? I am wondering......I am afraid now because I have applied it 2 different times now on her...
what do yall think???
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Found this on the web at : http://www.inno-vet.com/articles/2003/0103/42.html

Comparison of the effects of buprenorphine, oxymorphone hydrochloride, and ketoprofen for postoperative analgesia after onychectomy or onychectomy and sterilization in cats.
Dobbins S, Brown NO, Shofer FS.
Pennsylvania Vet Specialty and Emergency Assoc, Hickory Veterinary Hospital, Plymouth Meeting 19462, USA.
J Am Anim Hosp Assoc 2002 Nov-Dec;38(6):507-14
In this prospective, randomized, blinded study, 68 clinically healthy cats that had onychectomy (n = 20), onychectomy and castration (n = 20), or onychectomy and ovariohysterectomy (n = 28) were randomly assigned to one of four postoperative analgesic treatment groups: buprenorphine (0.01 mg/kg body weight, intramuscularly [IM]), oxymorphone hydrochloride (0.05 mg/kg body weight, IM), ketoprofen (2 mg/kg body weight, IM), and placebo (physiological saline). Sedation scores, visual analog pain scores, cumulative pain scores, serum cortisol concentration, and appetite were used to assess postoperative analgesic effect. Buprenorphine demonstrated the highest efficacy with the lowest cumulative pain scores and serum cortisol levels.
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Another site with info:
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Thank you very much...I feel so much more at ease...I know I should have asked more about the pain med while I was a the vet picking Fluffers up....
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Sue, how terrific of you to provide links to all that info!

Kathy -
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