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Question of the Day Nov 22nd

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My question today pertains to how you like to spend your leisure time.

When you have a free afternoon what is your favorite way to spend it?

I have several things I like to do depending on my mood.
I love to read or watch a movie if the weather outside is not that nice.
If the weather is agreeable I like to go for long walks.
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Bubble bath is at the top of my list
I also like to read in a nice quiet place
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Watching things i've recorded on t.v.
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Reading a good book
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watching tv or goofing off online
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If the weather doesn't cooperate, then I'll stay in and potter around online a bit. If the weather is nice, then it's off to the park for a round of Disc golf
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If I have time off I usually end up at the shelter but if I do stay home I am usually catching up online or making siggies
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Maybe completely sappy, cat person answer, but to be completely honest I really enjoy spending time at home with Maia, maybe watch a movie or do some planting with her by my side. I know she enjoys it as well, doesn't leave my side when I'm home!
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Usually spend any free time cleaning house and such. Would much prefer to be playing the piano, surfing online, reading a book, taking a bubble bath, fiddling with any of my hobbies like sewing, crafting,miniatures, etc...or heck, even a nap~
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