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Saturday! What are your plans?

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Morning All!!

Cloudy, windy and bitterly cold here today. A good day to stay inside, sip hot chocolate, read or watch TV and that's exactly what I have planned.

Borrowed a couple of Stephen King movies from my sister, Rose Red and The Mist so that's my entertainment for the day.

Other then that finishing off a load of laundry and making pot roast for dinner.

The kitties are good this morning, they are all in my bed under the comforter snoozing right now. Apparently they think it's to chilly to be out and about as well..

Everyone have a good one
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My kitties are having a hard day too! They're all snuggled up sleeping soundly as the snow flies outside.
Today I have a list of chores to get done, including wrapping up my Secret Santa gifts, and then we're going to go skiing!
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We are going through our final walk-through on our house today before we get the keys MONDAY!

Then I think we will go to Home Depot and get paint since Travis will be there for 4 hours Wednesday waiting for the water guy to come.

No plans tonight but I am SUPER excited about today!
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It's way too cold today! I even saw some snowflakes in the air too.

Right now I'm at my car dealer getting my snow tires put on and my oil change. Then it's off to do some grocery shopping.

My fiance and I might go and get a Wii tonight or tomorrow. We came across some unexpected money, and we're going to spoil ourselves and get a Wii with it. We played last week at my aunt's house, and it was SO much fun.

Have a good day everyone!
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I had a good game of fetch with Trout this morning is bed..and just now we had a good da bird session too. That one was started by Josh.

She is tuckered out and laying on the coffee table now How that is comfy I have no idea.

Today, I am having a massage Then will clean and stuff..tonight we are going for dinner at Josh's grandmas house with some family.
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Staying out of the cold at home while working on the finishing touches to the shelters newsletter and catching up on chatting with my sisters then later trying a recipe out ahead of our Christmas goodie exchange
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I prefer to stay under the covers with a book and hot cocoa.
Unfortunately the bathroom won't get painted on it's own.
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It's going to be a slow, low key day. I have to do my dishes and tidy up the kitchen, do a couple loads of laundry and vacuum my furniture. And I'm going to work on an image for my art gallery. I'll fit in a nap this afternoon too
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We are going to Sacramento for the Harvest Festival.
It is 43 and foggy right now.
Might get more gifts for my ss there.
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Today I'm planning to clean the house up, get groceries, go to the gym, and finish some arrangements I need to make before tomorrow!

This morning I made waffles and did a little online Christmas shopping for some of my family. That's pretty much been it so far today.
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Well after suffering a bout of a nice little stomach bug I think I'm ready for some solid food. Taco Bell is calling my name. There's also a lovely sink full of dishes that need immediate attention. Other than that it's waiting till my SO gets home so I can beg him to take me to see Twilight tonight.
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Going to a concert with a friend later tonight. Maybe I'll do some homework before I go.
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We had a busy day today. My sister picked us up at 9:30 this morning, we did a couple of errands, I dropped the cookies I made for the Church Bizarre at the Bizarre and we bought some pumpkin bread, beer bread lemon chess pie, and spiced peaches there, went and got our hair cut, had lunch, did a little SECRET SANTA shopping, went to an art show, which wasn't that much fun because it was very crowded, but a couple of our friends had exhibits there that we wanted to see, and then did the last of my SECRET SANTA shopping. I'm tired!
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