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Fading kitten syndrome

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I have a little kitty who is 2 weeks old, I came home from shopping and noticed that he is very lythargic and crying, he will not suckle and is so weak. I rand the vet and he did not give much hope and said to put it near the car fumes, but if i really wanted i could try some cows milk. Being a mother, i expressed some milk and have been giving it small amounts. Any advice on what i can do for this poor little soul?? Is there any hope for him at all or is he destined for kitty heaven?
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the link above has lots of helpful links

Do you have access to a kitty milk replacer ??

In the USA it is commonly called KMR
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Poor little baby just passed on to kitty heaven. I am so sad. He was always a bit smaller but he did not ssem to be really struggling, i wish i could have helped him more.
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Rip little kitten
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I am sorry you lost him. Should you find yourself with the same situation again- try this: brew up a strong cup of coffee, let it cool until it is still warm but not hot. Flavor it with a bit of Karo syrup, stir well and give the kitten drops of this coffee on his tongue. Try and get at least a full dropper into the kitten's mouth bit by bit. It can jumpstart a heart, revive a cold organ and sometimes bring them back. may also help you next time you find yourself with an orphaned kitten
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I'm sorry you lost the kitten

Originally Posted by hissy View Post
Flavor it with a bit of Karo syrup
What is Karo syrup? It's not a product that's available over here.

KMR is known as Biolac should you need it in the future Petstock has it and the bottles/syringes for feeding.
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Karo Syrup is corn syrup. I believe Karo is the brand available here in the states.
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I've had it happen to a few kittens. Not a lot you can do. I'm sorry the little one didn't make it. They are so fragile those first few weeks.
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I have to admit that I am a little appalled that the vet suggested placing the kitten "near the car fumes". That seems so ... inhumane.

I am terribly sorry you lost this baby. It is always sad when it happens, but sometimes, Mother Nature knows best.
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So very sorry you lost the little one.

I must say I totally agree with you gayef...When I first read that I had to go back and read it again as I didnt believe that a vet would actually suggest that. Once I realized it was exactly what I read I was sick to my stomach and very angry that would even be said....

RIP sweet kitty
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