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I have a four month old kitten that I've just adopted from the humane society. On the advice of the guys at my pet food store I've started him on Wysong (the one with freeze dried pheasant) and a variety of canned food. He seems fairly into both versions but I was wondering if this is a good food? The store also sells EVO (which is what my dog is eating) and was wondering if there are benefits of one over the other. Money is not really an object at the moment and I want the best nutrition for my little guy. What would you feed your kitten?

Also, should I free feed or stick to some guideline? He seems constantly hungry but is getting a bit of a pot belly... although I can still feel ribs. Should I let him free feed until he gets older or?

Any advice welcome. Thanks!
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My old vet in the Bay Area told me to use that food years ago and he said it was good.
The problem was my cats got sick on it with diarhea
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His poops seem solid if not potent. Should I stick with it?
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Are you talking about the one called 'Uncanny'? If so, it is fine to feed but it is supposed to be for "supplemental or intermittant feeding only" so I would not give it as a base diet but rather as an addition to the diet if desired.
If you are using canned foods as a base diet (feeding them every day, as the main portion of the diet) which are good quality and say they are "for all life stages" and do not say"for supplemental or intermittant feeding only" it should be fine to feed the 'Uncanny' in addition. That information will be on the can or package label somewhere, possibly in fine print.
EVO is a good food as well and they do make a canned and a dry food if you wanted to feed a mix of canned/dry. I don't use it myself because I have found it to cause a very smelly litterbox. I've been feeding my kittens Wellness CORE and lately Orijen.
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I fed ReeRee wellness kitten. It was one of the few he WOULD it....he was picky.

I don't recommend free feeding. Kittens do need to be fed more than adult cats, smaller more frequent meals are better than two big meals. So if you can't be around to feed him when necessary either get an automated feeder or free feed but watch his weight closely with the help of your vet so he doesn't get obese.

It can happen so quickly. But he is still young and growing so a little belly isn't bad because more than likely he will grow into it. But the growing will eventually stop and thats when you have to recognize when the weight is creeping up there. ReeRee was at his one yr check up when my vet said he needed to lose one or two pounds and to change my free feeding to a more routine schedule.
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It's the Wysong Nurture. It's an all age food. I have been just filling up his bowl as it empties with that and then giving him a top dressing of a variety of the canned foods (ie the rabbit, duck, beef, etc) which he seems to love.

I was going to wait until he was a bit older to start restricting his diet, I'll have him checked out at the vet in December when we go and see how his weight is for his size. He seems fairly slim still (in a healthy way) and hasn't really put on too much weight around the middle, not as much as I thought earlier.
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I always recommend a kitten food. Most kittens need the extra fat and protein.
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Looks like you are doing a great job taking care of your kitten's nutritional needs. I have had good results with Wysong.

I copied this from the Wysong site about the 'Nurture' variety.

Contains increased levels of meat and fat to optimize the nutritional well being of younger, growing cats.Feeding Nurtureâ„¢ is recommended until the kitten has reached adult size, usually 6-9 months, or for use with adult cats requiring higher protein and fat levels. Kittens should be weaned directly to Nurtureâ„¢ at approximately 4 weeks of age.

Looks like a good food for growing kittens. Wish I had known about this variety when mine were kittens.
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Congrats on the adoption! Wysong is a great food, and it sounds like you're adding canned to the diet as well. You might check out and click on the tab at the top of the page that reads About Cats. Lot's of great info.
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