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Finally, good luck comes my way. I won tickets off the radio!!

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To see Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert!! I love them and had wanted to go to their concert but tickets were $45 apiece and I couldn't justify spending that much.
I was in shock when I was the "5th caller" to my local radio station. I don't think I've ever won anything off the radio before. But the concert is this Sunday and hopefully I'll be able to take pics and post.

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Oh! You are so lucky!!! I'm jealous! I love TSO! I wanted to see them when they were here. They had a 4 pack for 99 bucks and were playing on my daughters birthday, so I wanted to take her and her SO. But they had plans to go to Costa Rica for her birthday. Maybe next year.

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Wooo! It's great that you won! I looove love love concerts, and $45 sounds like a good price depending on the venue. I think the most I spent on a single ticket was 85-ish. (They were floor seats, but floor seats are overrated.) Boyf has spent more on sold-out tickets from ebay (as gifts). The worst was when he bought two tickets to a 3 day music festival for ~$500. We managed to sell two of the days and came out $100 ahead.

Anyhow, have fun! You'll probably encounter... $10 drinks too! Yikes.
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I wanted to go so bad when they were here last weekend but the money went to the vet bill.
They are great in concert,
I have seen them twice.
Congrats on winning.
Here are a few of my favorite song of theres.
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I want to go, the only available tickets here are $62 plus all the fees so probably closer to $80
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Enjoy! Congrats
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That's awesome!!! Congrats, Farrah!!
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How exciting!! Wow..please do take pics!! That would be so awesome!!
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Very cool! One of the radio stations here was giving out TSO tickets as well. I couldnt find the link to enter online for them, I guess it may be over here. They've got Eagles tickets now that I'm trying to win .... they went on sale yesterday and are $400-1300 for good seats!
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Tips from a radio announcer:
When you hear the cue to call, count to 20... then dial the number
Don't be discouraged if you're not the right caller, try again
Often they will wait a minute before answering the right caller because they have to turn on their recorder
And then win!
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i just saw TSO last night in anaheim, ca for the 5th time. you'll not be disappointed. just the lightshow alone is worth it. the only bummer now is waiting a whole year for the next one.
but then i got the AC/DC concert on dec 6th to look forward to
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Two strike-outs for TSO here this year. They don't play until after Christmas, and I won't be in town on the date they WILL be here. Fooey.
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