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Fat Cat

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Our cat Kisa is getting to be a huge little fatty of a cat! She is less then 3 years old, indoor, fixed cat. She almost never (very very very rarely) gets people food. She isn't even a begger really (unless you have cheetos lol but we keep her away from them) She is just lazy and loves her kitty food. She is always the first cat to the food dish and has even been known to bully the other cats away even after she has been finished eating!

We have three other cats who are perfect in weight and active.

What are some good ways to get her to slim down? It is tough with the other cats in the house + my wacky random schedule to work out any type of feeding times besides just leaving it out for them to eat when they wish. I have tried so hard to get her playing but after 10 secs she surrenders and wont budge no matter what toys or fun things I try lol

Any advice would be great. I worry about her and health issues that her weight might give her
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Have you had her weight evalutated by a vet?? if so what did the vet say or suggest ??

extra playtime is good ...

Can you meal feed your cats , this is have set times you set out the food and set times you pick it up
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Try a good quality wet food. No by-products, no artificial colors and preservatives. Less carbs than a dry kibble.
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I feed my cat once in the morning and once at night using a measuring cup for a precise amount.

Sounds like you need to feed this cat separate from the others otherwise you will never know how much she's eating.

Feed the correct amount and no more even if cat cries.

Good luck!
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I would go with switching to wet food. I know it might be hard in a multi cat household but dry foods are really not the best for cats, check out this site for some weight loss info, check out Bennie and Molly's stories, it's amazing how fat they were: http://www.catinfo.org/feline_obesity.htm
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Yes, definitely go with wet food. I've always heard in the past that wet food isn't good for cats compared to dry, but my cat has always been on wet food and she has had no problems, perfectly healthy and normal weight. Plus she likes wet food so much more than dry.
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