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New Foster Cat Questions...

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I'm considering fostering a cat I found outside for a local rescue. She is currently at the vet's, spayed already, but has a runny eye and nose which we're waiting to go away.

Now, I have one neutered male cat myself and I want to make sure before I bring in any other cats that there will no transmission of diseases/illnesses. Should I call the vet and ask whether the cat has been tested for FeLV and FIV? Does anyone know if rescues usually test for those?

Aside from those, are there any other precautions I should take prior to bringing her home?
Anything else that should be tested for?

When I found her on Monday, she had fleas all over. Assuming the vet clinic is treating her for that, how long should I wait before bringing her home? I have my own furry pets, so am deathly afraid of a flea infestation.

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To foster, you really need a completely separate room for isolation, and I always isolate cats for a minimum of 2 weeks, unless they show signs of being sick in that 2 weeks, in which case it is longer. Even after the two weeks, they only get a couple of hours out of their room, and would only ever get fully integrated if they would be here for months, partly because it isn't fair on them, and partly to save a room being tied up for months, we dont have enough space as it is.

Testing varies from rescue to rescue, and fleas should die within 24 hours if treated at the vets, but dont forget she will need worming too

Good luck
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Thank you, booktigger.

I do plan on having my spare bedroom set up for the foster, but they will still be able to sniff each other under the door crack - is that okay? Or does it need to be completely sealed off?
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I personally dont worry about cracks under doors, but my cats dont bother about my cat room (both are ex fosters and have never been allowed in that room), so it really is up to you.
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You'll want to just talk to the group to see what they test for/do medically - as it does vary from one group to the next. Some do NOT test for FeLV, unless the cat looks openly sick. Here, we do not test for FIV unless we suspect a reason to do so, but we do test for FeLV.

Check to see that she's been treated for fleas with a topical treatment. I do agree to keep her in a seperate room - and be aware you don't know how long you'll have her - nor do you know if she'll get along with your kitty. (We've had fosters who freak out if the foster/their cats don't get along after a week & will bring them back)
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Thanks, guys!

I spoke with my regular vet today and voiced my concerns and she told me what to do and what to make sure the cat has been tested for.

I got the rescue to get their vet to do the SNAP test on her and both FeLV and FIV showed up negative, yay. However, I've been told FIP is hard to test for and the results are usually unreliable, so not sure if there's even anything I can do about that.

I brought her home tonight and she is in quarantine in my spare bedroom, purring up a storm whenever someone goes in and never tires of pets. Seriously, she could be pet for hours.

She does have a mild case of the sniffles/cold/respiratory infection (?), which I'm medicating her for. The vet has said that as long as they are in separate rooms, it should be fine.

She has been dewormed once. Should she need to go back for another dose in a few weeks?

Here she is:
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The shelter here deworms once every 2 weeks for 3x. That's something I'd ask the vet about - you could do a stool sample to check for worms in a few weeks.
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