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Christofer and his new home!!!

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Im not even sure Im spelling the name right, so I will call him Chris, and here is his story:

A very handsome persian cat, different shades of gray and black, very noble looking.
But, as some of you must know, Persian cats are VERY sensitive, and can have many problems. This little sweetheart was probably exposed to unpleasant things, we're not sure what, and he stopped using the litter box. His owner, which mainly kept him for his beauty, abandoned him in the shelter, where Chris just got more and more depressed. And no one wanted him when they heard of his problem.

And this week, the sweetest woman came in just to see the shelter, and by the end of her tour, she was so inlove with Chris!!! She didn't care about his behaviour situation, and she promised to take good care of him, and try to help him get over his trauma.
He still has to finish his medical treatment (he has a cold), but next week Im bringing him over to her!!! she is despirately waiting for him!!!

Yay, Chris, we finally found you the perfect loving home!!! :pinky:
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That's great news about Chris. I'm glad there is someone out there for every kitty. Keep up the good work!
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Nunny, I'm glad you are giving us these "good news" stories! I hope this is a permanent home!
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Oh, me too... Keep your fingers crossed for him!!
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Nunny, it is ALWAYS a joy to find the kitties a lovely home!! Always a tremendous joy indeed!

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Okay, this coming Thursday Im picking him us and taking him to his new home! Im SO excited!!!
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