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Hurts to be pet?

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One of my cats starts scratching and biting me whenever I pet her.. but right after she purrs around my legs??? When she was 3/4 months though When she was 3-4 months old she got injured REALLY badly from a neighbors puppy. ( we had to watch their puppy) We didnt see this incident but I knew something was wrong with her, she was hiding under the beds and crying/hissing when anybody touched her. She didnt look injured, so we thought she was just acting jealous or something of her fur-sister. So we let it go till morning ( I stayed up all night for her ). I noticed her breathing was very faint and she was very pale. So my mom saw her and she was in shock she was in that much distress. So we rushed her to the vet, and she had to be on oxygen for 2 hours. they couldn't find a vein so they had to make an incision in her wrist/paw. They had to do surgery on her remove half of her liver because it was damaged so badly. So I was just wondering if she would still be hurting if anybody touched/carried her?? Or is she a mental case?? lol


And P.s. What can I do for her to be more sweet to me?? her sister is the exact opposite she actually NURSES herself when I pet her?? ( insane set of kitties lol)


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You don't say how long ago this happened but it sounds like she may be harboring some fear after that incident. It's possible that given some time she may start to let you pet her. Whatever you do I wouldn't force it or she may start fearing you as well
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Shes almost a year old.. she'll be a year the 12th.. But she loves to be pet on her head?
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I honestly don't know if she could still be hurting from the surgery when you pet her or not... maybe one of our more knowledgeable members would know better.

If she likes being pet on her head, I'd just do that. I know a lot of cats have their quirks about how and where they like to be pet. My Spike loves his cheeks scratched and his head rubbed. He doesn't like his tummy rubbed, except in certain instances... then a few tummy scritches are accepted, but only a few... then he pushes me away with his back feet.
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She is not responding in pain, she is responding in trauma. She had some unsettling incidents happen to her, and it will take sometime for her to to trust again and to relax. Cats do have long memories and they do not forget easily. She is protecting herself from being handled. For now, I would pet her on the head, (makes perfect sense to me because if you pet a cat on their head, they can see you and watch you) but the minute your hand vanishes to their back and tail area, they can't see you without turning their head as well. Poor kitty, I feel sorry for her that she had to undergo such a traumatic ordeal. I would look into the Bach Flower Remedies and start giving her either Gentian or Aspen to help her overcome her trauma.
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The doctors said she might not be able to walk, and she was running in hours of getting home. LOL Shes a trooper! I love her with all my heart! And her sister also, both equally. But where can I get Bach Flower Remedies ,Gentian , and or Aspen?? Thank you so much you have helped me a great deal, I just want my little baby to trust me .. but I also think shes a bit jealous of her other fur-sister. and vise/versa. if you ask me...
( they get into fights when I pet one.. and am just getting to pet the other...)
Thank you!
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