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On Behalf of Luna

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My good friend and co-worker just lost her cat Luna. The cat was an indoor/outdoor kitty and had gone out for an evening prowel. Whe she hadn't arrived early the next morning the family was on the search, calling and walking the neighborhood. They heard a meow behind one of the neighbors' fence and there she was, stuck inside a tiny...squirrel cage/trap. She had eaten some of the food that was inside. They immediately took her home and called the person who owned the property to find out if there may have been anything in the food. No answer and there was no return call. Two days later she passed on at the vet. She died due to the ingestion of anti-freeze. The neighbor returned the call my friend had placed two days before and replied "What squirrel cage?" Pls watch out for your kitties and keep an eye on your neighbors.

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And prayers to your friend as she deals with her loss.
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Disgusting, Deplorable, and Dispicable!!!

I'm too Hissed off to even reply to this in an acceptable way!

My condolences to your friend, and an angel for Luna

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May Luna rest in peace and the neighbor loose his/her hands so putting antifreeze out is impossible!!!!
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Thank you for your warning. Every time I hear a story like this it makes my blood boil and reaffirms my decision to keep all my little ones exclusively indoors. It is well worth the occasional damage for the peace of mind it gives me. Everyone has to make their own decision in this matter, but for me...I am glad my babies are safe inside.
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I am so sorry they lost Luna! How can anyone be so crule? It makes me sick! Poisonous antifreeze should be banned!!! Sorry! I will pray for the family!
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Poor little Luna. I am so sorry to hear of yet another loss here on the forum. There seems to be many recently. I know that many cats love to roam outside, but if I may make a PLEADING request: Keep your babies inside and safe, where no harm will come to them. Even in a rural setting, something bad can happen as in Andy's case. Our beloved felines are part of our families. The hurt that is felt of their loss is so disheartening. I extend my condolances.
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this is such horrible news... this is but one out of dozens of reasons
i am afraid to let my cats outside. it's such a horrid reality. we cannot
trust our neighbours, and certainly not any strangers our cats may happen
upon while outdoors.

what a world we live in. please express our sorrows to your friend,
i am so sorry for her, and for Luna.

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Oh that is SO awful!!!!! I am so sorry for your friends loss!!!
Poor Luna....the neighbor should be shot!!
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