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Hair Under Paws

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I think my Cats body weight is 85% hair, she has so much of it and it is long. She has hair that grows in between her digits and to the underside of her paws, she actually walks on it. I have tried trimming this hair but she won't have it. She has no problem with me trimming her nails but will not behave when I try to trim this hair. Should I leave this hair alone? She is an indoor Cat but should I keep insisting on trimming this hair? Does it matter? To me she looks a bit unkempt with this hair but if it doesn't harm her to leave it long then I may just leave her alone and not cause her any stress by trying to trim it.

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My guess would be it's fine, but I have to say I laughed at the way you describe it . very cute.

It probably tickles when you try to clip it!
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Jack has that hair--I never even thought to trim it. We've never had any issues with is--doesn't seem to bother him. I think its very cute!

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Those are toe tufts, or as Susan would call them tufty toots.

Heres some info on it....
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My Monster has this hair too, he has very long hair & he has had this hair growing between his paw pads for a long time. Its long, and i have thought to trim it, but i know he wont let me, so i havent tried.
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Nova has these. I think they're so cute.
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The toe tufts (tuffy toots!!) are what drew me to George - I thought they were way too cute. And they don't bother him at all...George doesn't like me touching his feet - never thought he could be ticklish
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When we have a cat brought into the shelter, those "toe tufts" are the first thing I check. If they're worn down, the cat has been outside a while. If not, it may be a fresh escapee, dump, abandonment, whatever.
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Thanks for the info. I had no idea this was so common. I have had cats all of my life and she is the first one I've seen to have toe tufts. You're all right, it is cute so I will leave her be with those extra fuzzy paws of hers.
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Moose is a short hair orange tabby and his tufts are a glittery orangey-gold color. I've never tried to trim it; he barely lets me clip his nails!
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I have Persians which usually have these tufts but for some reason my current girls don't have much. I really miss it, I used to like to pet the tufts, drove my cats nuts, I think it tickles. Now I have to go play with my Cockers tufts, they hate it to
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I just recently trimmed some tufties with shaver for the first time. It sure appeared it was a bit of a tickly affair for the boys but moreso they did not appreciate the shaver noise, so we did only a little cleaning.
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Stanley has these, we call them his "kitty feathers" because of the way they stick out from between his toes. I do not trim them regularly, only when he has gotten litter stuck to them (made a terrible clack clack sound)...
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Wickett has them too and I DO trim his but for good reason. He like to play in his water dish but he also likes to play in the clumping litter. The litter tends to clump onto his fur and then tracks all over the house and looks terribly uncomfortable. So, I trim it when I trim his nails...but he secretly loves being groomed so he doesn't fight me at all.
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