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Ferals all day today due to snow.

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We recieved a few inches of snow over night last night so my two ferals, Marjorie and HamCat decided to stay in the bushes by my building today the whole day. I guess they don't like wet feet. They were joined by another cat that I had been seeing on campus, unfortunately I didn't see her kitten, but he is probably near by. This new cat came and went, but Marjorie and HamCat seem to be waiting for the snow to melt. They usually arrive at 6 PM and leave around 8 in the morning. I had to put out more food twice because the new cat ate half of it and because they are spending the day here as well. They must have known the storm was coming because I put out the food early, around 4 PM and when I went inside I looked out the window and they were both eating already. They must have been waiting for me. Luckily it isn't below freezing and I was able to put out a larger bowl with water in it. They emptied the other bowl twice during the night, I blame it on the super hungry newcomer. Looks like I am starting to form a colony, from 1 to 2 to now 3 cats.
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Marjorie and HamCat have spread the word!! They know a good thing when they see it!! You also have the awesome opportunity to start a colony on your campus. I hope that there are others to help you out. Good luck.
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It's amazing how they seem to be able to tell time. They will easily get on a schedule where food is concerned.

I read that you made them a shelter. They do need it. I made 3 shelters this past week. What I used was the rubbermaid box and cut a hole about 6 inches from the bottom.

I used bubble wrap doubled over about 4 times in the bottom and taped down with duct tape. (The cold from the ground will transfer right through unless there is something to separate it from the ground.)

I put one of those camping emergency blankets, about $1.50 at Walmart, on top of the bubble wrap and taped this down. This will reflect their own body heat and keep them warmer.

Next goes the straw. The craft stores do carry the small bails. A farmers market maybe, garden centers, etc. Maybe $5 a bail around here for the big bails.

Then I used the heavy duty 'construction grade' large black garbage bags, also from Walmart for pennies. I put the box in the garbage bag and taped the entire box well with black duct tape. This will further insulate them and keep drafts and water from seeping in. Just cut an opening in the bag where the entrance is and tape that well.

The black really makes the box invisible. You will not see it unless you know where it's located.

Super simple to make. Took minutes and will keep them well insulated.

Sounds like you may need another box if they keep coming and bringing their friends. Awesome job you're doing. Hang in there.
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Thank you for the advice on the shelter. The bubble wrap part and the blanket bottom are genius. Thanks.

PS - There are now five of them.
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