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relocating feral colony

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This is tricky and I dont' know how to go about it.

I have to relocate a feral colony. It's just too dangerous here between kids chucking rocks at them, cars, and then Animal Control being a major pain in my backside...

I have another colony at my mom's farm. She said that its' fine with her if I bring the ferals to her house. Plus, she's outside of the city and AC really can't do anything there without her permission. Unless you know they were being neglected/abused which isn't the case.

How do I relocate them and introduce them to a smaller colony, without anyone taking off? The location isn't that far away, so if anyone wanted to, they could easily make the trip back. I really don'ot want that to happen.
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How many in the colony you want to locate?

As long as they have the necessities, food, water, they'll probably stay pretty near where you put them. As for the other cats, I don't know what'll happen but I imagine the Tom's will fight for Top Cat position if the two prides merge. Loosing one or two is always a risk but it's better than kids kicking them or getting run down on a busy street.
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It can be very tricky to relocate feral cats for a lot of reasons. It takes a bit of planning and there are actually a number of online sites that talk about the procedure.

I've relocated feral cats twice. The first was a few cats that were in a colony in the city and they were trapping/killing the entire colony, so I volunteered to take in a few to integrate with my colony. The second time was when I moved and took the entire colony with me.

Here's a couple of links to get you started to plan the move. You don't simply bring them to the new house and let them go. Simply google relocating feral cats and you'll find a wealth of information out there.



Here's an old thread from this site where I talk about one of my relo's:
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thanks everyone!

The colony has only 10 cats. Maybe more, but there's a lot of people that let their cats out and I have TNRed all of them yet. I know some of them are pets, I caught a couple with collars on lol So right now, it's just the 10

I'll read those sites.
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We relocated 10 cats. We had to put a very large cage in the new location, and after they were spade and neutered we brought them there, they all spent over a month in the cage, after a month we let them out, 2 went back to the old location, My DH had to trap them again and put them back in the cage for a month and they stayed after that. He also fed them wet food to make them think this was the best place for them to be. They are all happy living there now and have all stayed. Good Luck
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