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Allow me to introduce...

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My sweet, cantankerous and very aged companion, Thingy. She walked in on me just under 3 years ago and took up residence. I had no previous experience of pets so having her around was a steep learning curve. I must be doing something right from her point of view because, in spite of her great age and hyperthyroidism, she is thriving and has me thoroughly whipped into shape as her resident slave.

By megra at 2006-06-10
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Isn't she precious! She looks like she's sniffing her feet

How old is she?
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Awww she's gorgeous! Exactly how aged is she, would you have an estimate?
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Very pretty girl!
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Awwww what a pretty girl
Cats certainly have their way with us
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She's gorgeous!
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Isn't she precious! She looks like she's sniffing her feet. How old is she?
That is her giving me a filthy look because I interrupted her washing her feet! She is somewhere between 18 and 20 I think. She arrived at the estate as a stray kitten and the then warden paid out of her own money to have her spayed. The human resident who has been here longest has lived here about 16 or 17 years. He told me Thingy was already here then, being cared for by one of the old codgers and she'd been with him some time but how long is anybody's guess. He died and she went back to being the estate's resident stray until another old codger took her up. He also died. When I got here, she was being looked after inadequately by a third old codger (not his fault I guess but he is a bit too fond of the beer). She was very scrawny (she weighed 2kg), with untidy fur and was always hungry. That turned out to be hyperthyroidism. She now weighs slightly under 4kg and is groomed a lot (which she adores). Although she's probably had more care with me in the last 3 years of her existence than ever before, she still prefers men - she's an absolute tart!

We live on a small gated estate that has no roads and is basically a large wooded garden with 6 small blocks of apartments dotted through it. Thingy (I renamed her and I suspect it's just one of many names she has had) still likes visiting other apartments round the estate either to beg food, hugs or just to hang out in their little bit of garden but she always comes home to me.
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She looks very good for such an old gal! You must be doing something right if she is remaining healthy at that age.
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Awww thats so wonderful that you took over her care and letting her live her golden years being loved, like she so deserves
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What a gorgeous old girl! Certainly looks good for her age.
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She's a beautiful lady.
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She is lovely! Please post more pics of her when you can
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Your wish is my command!

Post prandial doze

Which way is up?

Synchronised rolling

So relaxed...
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