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Can you believe this woman?

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I hope that they throw the book at this idiot AND bill her, for ruining the others passengers' cruises.
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What a selfish little wench! I wonder what she'll do to get out of PRISON? I hope she gets at least some jail time. That isn't funny. All that so she could go "get some."
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People are stupid and selfish.
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If she didn't want to go, why didn't she say, "Thanks but no thanks"? I love Bill but, if I got a chance at an expenses-paid cruise, without him, I'd be packing right now!

She's looking at a minimun 10 years, in a Federal prison. Think that the boyfriend will wait for her?
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How selfish! Those other passengers must have been terrified. I definately think she should be held liable both financially and criminally!
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kat: Same here, had I the chance, I'd be calling up the fiance saying "got a trip to go on a cruise, I'll see you in a week, love you kiss kiss!" lol

I'm glad that people are taking terrorist threads as a big deal, even people who are just messing around and saying them, it's not right, it's screwed up to say something like that, and just shows what type of inner person you are to become, better to get you locked up before you DO do something.
Right after 9/11 like I think the day or one day after it happened, fiance and I went out to Denny's, and there was some middle eastern men in their 20's or 30's saying how they wish they'd been the ones to do it, and that they would love to try something like that too, and american's diserver it etc etc."
I so wanted to report them, but what could I do? At that time I didnt' think people would take words like that seriously.
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Wow. What a fool.
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I think she should face jail time and a fine,anybody who makes thearts should!
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She's being charged under the Federal anti-terrorism laws and I don't think that a plea-bargain is an option.
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What an idiot. She should be prosecuted - that was more than a prank, particularly since she must have known that everyone is uptight about terrorist attacks.
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well, can't say people shock me anymore... I heard of people doing such stupid things - that I am not surprised.

I hope she pays for the fear she put into people. These days, its a very cruel thing to do!!!
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sounds to me like a spoiled, selfish brat who wants what she wants when she wants it and doesn't care about anyone or anything else. Guess I'm just not getting the joke here because death threats are not funny. If this rude awakening doesn't knock some sense into her...

I'm glad I wasn't her travel agent. None of my clients did anything that thoughtless and stupid.
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I hope they make an example of her and that her punishment gets a lot of publicity. At 20-years-old she is pretty young, but any 10-year-old should know better.
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Analagous to a 10-year-old, this is like pulling the fire alarm at school, to get out of a test.
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Around here the opinion is that she should have told her parents she wanted to stay home and they should have let her -- but in my opinion if she is that imature then they were right in not leaving her home, but they should have kept an eye on her. After 20 years her parents should have know what a inconsiderat spoiled little witch she was -- after all they raised her.
I think her parents are as bad as she is.

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The article said: Ferguson (...) was charged with two counts of threatening acts of terrorism, Kubo said. Each count carries a maximum prison term of 10 years.

Does that mean she could get 20 years?
I mean, writing those notes was certainly not the most clever thing to do, but 20 years!

In the Netherlands you don't even get that for murder one.
A "normal" murder (no execessive violence, not premedetated and no robbery) will get you 8 years.
If you are a man and you kill your wife/girlfriend because she wants to leave you, you'll get 4-5 years.
BTW it's different when a wife kills her husband for that reason. She usually gets 8-10 years, I don't kno why but I suppose because most judges and DA's are male and wouldn't want their wifes to get ideas.
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I agree we have a lot of laws that are messed up. I think people who commit animal abuse or neglect should get a lot more then what they do now! (most the time just a fine, or maybe a few nights in jail.)

20 years DOES seem a bit much for this occasion, but oh well, at least she wont be on anymore cruise ships, good riddence to bad rubbish.
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Originally posted by AngelzOO
20 years DOES seem a bit much for this occasion, but oh well, at least she wont be on anymore cruise ships, (...).
You're right about that, one thing less for her to worry about.
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shes 20 and couldnt say n o to the cruise. thats horrible, some people could have had heart attacks!
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Actually, a lot of cruise lines have a policy that anyone under 25 must be accompanied in their cabin by someone over 25. (This causes some problems for 20-somethings who marry.) This started when one particular cruise line started getting a bad reputation as a party ship for the spring break crowd. trouble is, these "children" were trashing the ship and causing lots and LOTS of physical damage. That's when the 25-year old age requirement went into practice.

Sounds like the parents preferred to spare the rod and spoil the child.
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I hope they send her to Patton (CA State Hospital). Then she'll find out that things like that aren't quite so funny. Patton is a hell hole. The thing is, if they give her the psychiatric evaluation and she's deemed unfit they will send her there. What most people don't understand is that they like to keep people for life.
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