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Cat barbering

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Hello all! My cat has been barbering herself now for a couple of months. She used to never do this. I discovered a couple of lumps on her back and took her to the vet and he didn't seem concern. He felt them and said they are more than likely fat deposits. When I pet her she starts barbering her front paws. She doesn't act like she's in any pain. Does anyone know why she does this?
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What do you mean by "barbering"?

How old is your kitty?
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Well, I just learned today about feline barbering after the third trip to the vet with what I thought was a skin condition.  The vet tried other remedies including a shot for the bumps and abrasions under the skin on the cat's back and tail and back legs.  Barbering it seems is caused by stress and or anxiety in the cat.  The cat licks him/herself hairless.    I'm preparing to move (with the cat), so the cat senses a big change coming. (It can be other things too).  So, to sooth himself he starts the barbering process.  Strange as it may seem, he needs reassuring and TLC to help him to destress.     

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My Tarifa is barbering and I believe it is connected directly to the passing of our beloved Rani on 6/29/16.  They were deeply bonded, used to sleep curled up together and washed one another.  I hope she will stop this in time, as her colorful coat is so beautiful!:alright:

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Your cat is grieving for sure! It's so sad to watch, isn't it?
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Thank you!  Yes, it is.  I have some "NATURVET" soft chews with calming natural ingredients that I bought by mistake some time ago; I thought of them yesterday, opened them, and tried to offer her some, but she did not accept them.  Two of my other girls did, though, and the fourth did not.  

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