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Question of the day Nov 20th

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Looks like the question for today got missed so anyway better late then never here's one for you.

Are you a night person or a morning person?

I have always been more of a night person then morning. My Mom use to say I was the hardest child to get up and the hardest child to put to sleep.
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I can be either, but traditionally have been more of a morning person.

When I was a crew member for a Hot Air Balloon, being a morning person was a must!
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I am an owl!!!! and so is my kitten - she loves to play fetch at 3am!
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In the words of the Carly Simon song, "I am a night owl, honey." This works for Butzie. Not so much for DH, but Butzala is very content. We can play in the living room on the faux wood floors and she can slide.
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Night time has always been my time of day
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Morning person... once I have my caffeine!
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night person.
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I was a night person but the baby has other plans for me.
I love the peace and quiet when everyone is asleep.
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Night person for sure. I don't do mornings! I never go to bed before 1:30 or later.. I'm usually up by 8:30..
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Night person. I firmly believe the day should not start before 10am.
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Originally Posted by ScampersMama View Post
Morning person... once I have my caffeine!
Coffee is a must
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I have never, never been a morning person! Just when I got Riley trained to leave me alone in the mornings, Xander has taken over alarm clock duty
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Night person!
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I'm definatly a night owl!
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I am a night person.
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Oh man, I hate mornings. If I had the option, I would go to bed just before the sun rose and sleep until 2:00 in the afternoon.

Alas, people like to do things during the Stinking DAY. Evil day star!!
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Night person. I'd rather stay up late at night than get up early in the morning.
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Night person! I wish I could visit restaurants and run errands at 3 AM!
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Id have to say im naturally a night person. Not sure if it is by nature or circumstances. bedtime is usually 1am.

it would be nice to get up early but it aint happening unless i have to for work! besides, my SO works late mostly so his schedual is mine now.
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Night all the way
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I am a true night owl.
I am more comfortable working 2nd shift (2:30-11pm)
but am on 3rd again, because the 3rd shift girl quit for another job.
So now I am on 10pm-6am.
I usually am up till 3-4 am anyways here at home.

I do kinda like the 3rd shift at the hospital though.
You don't have to deal with a lot of other people.
Some of the younger girls, know-it-alls, are getting on my
nerves on 2nd shift right now.

Mornings are for the birds!
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NIGHT! Gods, I'm a holy terror in the mornings!
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Neither. I am a human bear. I hibernate!
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By nature I am a night owl. But my job requires me to get up before the butt-crack of dawn. When I have a vacation, I easily revert back to my true nature. I wish I could deliver the mail in the evening....but that would make the customers grumpy.
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