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brown spots/secretions - what is it??

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Our wonderful ginger kitten-almost-cat Frodo has :
brown secretions (little bit) from eyes and nose;
freckles on ears and above eyes. Skin is pinkish.

Thanks ! for ideas on what it is. He is active and happy, but every other day or so has a little coughing session. We don't think it's hairballs. He's mostly indoors - only a tiny enclosed backyard.

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When was the last time he was seen by a vet?

I guess I'm not clear on what you mean by freckles so I can't answer that part.

But the brown secretions from his eyes and nose are probably a URI (Upper Respiratory Infection) or some kind of allergy, perhaps to something outside like what people get, or to something in his food.

Call the vet and take him in for a check up, you'll get your answer then
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Frodo was at the vet when he was neutered in October, and judged to be in good health. By freckles I mean 'little brown spots'.. and there is some balding on the ears and above the eyes where the spots are. We'll get him to the vet but I was interested in whether anyone has seen this sort of thing first.. He enjoys sniffing in the backyard and I wondered about allergies, but have thought maybe the pink skin and less fur on ears is just his type of fur and skin, and also wondering if the raw food diet (there are 3 commercially prepared balanced raw foods diets available around here) was causing secretions of toxins and so forth, since he was pretty much a stray for his first few months.

Thanks for comments again !
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Hmm... is this cat adjusting well to living mostly indoors? And I commend you for giving him access to an outdoor enclosure!
If this transistion has been hard for him, that could cause him stress, which can lead to any number of health problems, stress can cause a weakening of the immune system.

About his diet, did you transistion him slowly onto it? Is this diet you are feeding him top notch? I think the raw/barf diet is best for MOST animals, but certainly will not work for all. There can be fur loss due to an allergic reaction to something as well.
Is the fur loss recent? Or has he always had little fur in those areas?
About these brown spots, are they on his skin/fur? what size are they, are they little bits of brown stuff you can pull off? (I'm thinking like cat acne here, it's small brown/reddish peices about the size of a pin head). But you can pull them off, almost like a scab. But I've only really seen those on places like the face, particuarly on the chin and neck area.

I'm not sure what you mean by secretions of toxins, you mean from the food? When it comes to the raw/barf diet I personally prefer to make and prepair it all myself for my animals.

Please call up the vet and make an appointmetn October was many months ago, I'm sure he should be seen for this. Good luck!
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