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Another update on our kitty family

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I posted awhile back that we had made some changes to our feline family, finding homes for several cats that we had originally intended to keep, as well as taking a break from fostering. We were down to eight indoor cats and one indoor/outdoor kitty. We kept the ones that were least likely to find homes for various reasons, but left open the possibility that some of those would eventually maybe get adopted. We also made it clear to adopters that we would take back any of the others that we re-homed, if they were unable to keep them.

Well, little Ziggy and Wyatt found homes. And a lot of you know about Grover passing away this week. Well, three of the kitties that we found homes for went to the same home... Garfield, Orion, and Ophelia. Their new owner called and said that they were unable to keep them for personal reasons. So we have them back now.

So we went from nine, to six, back up to nine again just in a very short time. Some of you may remember Garfield, Orion and Ophelia from some of my past posts. After all that happened this week, we've decided that those three belong here so they're not going anywhere anymore.

Especially since Ophelia was a sister to Grover, she has been tested, re-tested, and re-tested once more, and is negative for FeLV. We didn't want to take any chances so had her checked several times. I'm not sure how one sibling can have it and another not, but it's good news for her.

Anyway, sorry if some of this seems a bit confusing! I'm going to make a post shortly with updated pictures of everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read all of this!
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Thanks for the update. I'm glad you were able to give Garfield, Orion and Ophelia a home when their other one failed to happen.
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well thank goodness ophelia has tested negative! you must be so relived!

it's weird isn't it how we think we have got our fur family sorted and then something happens to change it all.

it sounds like you have a lovely family there and i look forward to seeing pics of them!
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