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Revolution for ear mites......

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Our rescue cats, Skye and Brownie are doing terrific since we brought them home in June. Skye was 6 months, and weighed only 4 pounds. Since then she's grown into her feet and ears, and is now a very happy and active small cat. Brownie, the 1-year-old, has gotten MUCH less reserved and now spends her days snoozing and watching me work from her cat bed on the desk (along with Skye of course, who is deathly afraid she'll miss something if she's not right there).

They traveled with us for a month this fall in the RV and seemed to really like it. New scenery to look at, ready access to people to fawn over you, and a big bed to sleep on when moving from place to place! What more could a spoiled cat want! But, I degress......

We have ear mites.... They were checked a while ago, and we did some treatment. Skye, especially was back to doing a lot of scratching. So, we got some over the counter treatment and have been using it for several weeks. We're cleaning the outer area of the ears every other day and still getting brown junk. Skye doesn't seem bothered by the treatment, but it seems to make Brownie miserable. She walks around afterward shaking her head with her ears folded down - this lasts AT LEAST a full day and often TWO DAYS... She seems VERY bothered by the treatment.

I just called our vet and was going to take them in, but the vet recommended trying Revolution first because of Brownie's reaction to the ear treatment. According to the vet, Revolution has been very successful with ear mites. Her suggest was to do 2 - 3 treatments (monthly), and if there's still scratching and shaking we can always go in and have them swab, test again, and try something else.

So, I'll likely pick up enough to do 3 treatments each tonight, but figured I'd toss this in here to see if there's any feedback...
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OTC wormers, ear mite treatments, etc often do not work - and in some cases can be harmful. I do not reccomend them.

As for ear mites - for a very persistant case I often use Revolution several months in a row. I've had success with it. There are some cases that Revolution doesn't help - then you'll have to head back to your vet.
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I'm another one that doesn't recommend over-the-counter meds for anything. I don't believe they are the same strength as what you get from a vet and the vet also doses according to age/weight of our pets which we don't have the knowledge to do.
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OK, off to order Revolution. I'll get 6 pipettes so I can treat both cats for 3 months.... If better, food. Otherwise, back to the vet......

Not that my life is controlled by these little beasts, but in my office, where I'm SUPPOSED to be working, I have TWO cat beds... Plushy, soft, comfy, cat beds. I have no room for the laptop because I have to have A PLACE FOR EACH CAT TO LOUNGE! Fortunately, they've only taken 1 side of the "U", so there's still room for the other two desktop computers and video processing equipment, but it's a source of frequent amusement to my wife that I've had to rearrange the workspace to accomodate my companions... But, in truth, there's nothing like having a couple friendly cats standing on your keyboard, sitting on your arm, pushing your mouse around, sticking their wet noses on your glasses, and just generally letting you know they want some attention to keep things on an even keel.
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