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Going to visit Rochester

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Anyone from around the Rochester area? I am going to be town on Saturday for the final lacrosse game (GO ROCK GO). I would love to meet anyone who lives around there. Does anyone know a good place for dinner near the arena?
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I was in Rochester once... on the Hill Comora Treck (sp?) with a group of mormons from Maine. About 100 mormons dacing the Macarania (sp?) in a gym.. *scary*

Have fun!
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Hahaha, they stopped that multipul marriages years ago, but still

I'm not mormon anymore, and never really considered myself one, just something my rents made me do. =p
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Aw, Ady - if it were ANY other weekend... it's a bit of a haul from here (probably a 5 - 6 hour drive), but we're "road" people, and Gary wanted to head out fishing one of these days.... (and our old car blew up, and we've had a new car for about a week now! Well - new to us, it's a used car, but.... still exciting!)

But our "nieces" (actually our largest customer's twins) are receiving their first communion this Saturday, and we have to take off at about 5:00am from here and head south, not north....


HAVE FUN though. I'm sure you'll have a great time even though you won't get to meet me !!
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Wow, interesting comments about Mormons. I happen to be one, and if I offend you then perhaps I should leave the site. Just to clarify, I am not inbread and I do not practice polygamy (as the church has not done so for, oh, a hundred years or so). If you would like to actually understand what the LDS church believes in, then I would be happy to clarify for you. If you would rather insult me and my beliefs, then I will no longer visit the site.
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uh-oh! a nerve was hit. Somebody better clarify this before feelings get hurt.
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laura: Let's see, the fact of ANY group of 100 people dancing the macarana is a scary thought to me. Reguardless of anything I think about the mormons religion which is a completely seperate issue from these posts.
If you notice, I stuck up for you and your kind by saying that you DIDN'T do the multipul marragies anymore.

See, there's no reason for you to be upset.
As I was born and raised mormon, and most of my family and many of my friends still are, I feel that entitles me to pass judgement on whether or not the religion is for me. This is not to flame you, this is to say my only experience with Rochester, NY is being in a gym somewhere with a group of mormons dacing the macarana.
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