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TOTW cat food??

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What do you guys think of taste of the wild food?? Are any of you feeding it?
Im thinking about switching my cats food once they start selling their wet food in January. He currently eating California Natural and he loves it.

Im switching because i need to hhange my dogs food and the place that sells the CA doesn't sell the TOTW and vice versa. It would be nice if I can get their food at the same place because the 2 food stores are about 35 min opposite directions!
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We'll see if they follow through on coming out with wet food, I thought they were doing that long ago.

I feed TOW dry food - good price for a grain free!
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Riley eats the dry. I haven't heard anything about wet yet.
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My boy eats mainly wet, so I'm looking forward to Taste of the Wild wet. He eats their dry, but seems to prefer Fromm dry (I alternate). If you introduce Taste of the Wild dry, try mixing it first with whatever they're currently eating because when I first gave my boy the dry, he vomited several times. The Taste of the Wild vet told me that it was probably too rich for him and to mix it his current food for a while. That worked fine.
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My boys have loved the samples!!

We are supposed to be switching over when they finish their Nutro--but Hubby lost his job today, so we may be downgrading...

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We tried a bag in my house. They loved the taste, but they had the worst smelling poop ever. I switched them to Kirkland (cold turkey even because I couldn't handle the smell) and the smell is gone.
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I recently got a couple small dry bags samples from Manufacture by asking for it.
My cat loves it. She went hog wild, I mean cat wild over it.
I am mixing it in with what dry she is currently getting.
I am looking forward to the wet as well.
I do plan on buying a bag and replacing it from the Wellness Core she
has been receiving. She does not really care for the Welllness Core,
but she loves the Totw. I do not feed totally grain free though, I mix
Nutro Max for UTI health reasons. I do plan on adding Totw to my
rotation of grain free. My cat just swallows those little discs whole
does yours? I have not seen her chew them yet, too small I guess.
I do hope I can find it without ordering it. It makes me mad all the
pet stores have Totw for dogs but not for cats. Grrr.
In fact I will be calling a farm store a bit of distance from me, because
the other farm store closest said they stopped carrying it because
it just sat on the shelf.
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you know marley's poop smells awful! he eats CN dry and evo wet. its so bad sometimes it stinks up the whole hallway...yuck!!

those of you feeding totw now, what wet food are you feeding with it?
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Scarlett eats taste of the wild. She has digestive problems anyway, but I don't think they're caused by the food. She loves the taste and had no problem switching over.
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My kitties eat Taste of the Wild dry and pretty much all the different flavors of Wellness wet food, including the pouches.

They love both. And I love the price of TotW dry.
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My kitties are on Taste of the Wild, free fed, and they love it. I haven't noticed smelly poops with it, or at least not any worse than before. Also, shedding has decreased dramatically.

I do get it mail-order because the closest store that carries it is 35 miles away, and they don't always have the 15# bags. I found a mail-order place where the price including shipping is about the same as it would cost me to drive to the store, buy the food, pay tax, and pay for gas.

I also feed Friskies Prime Filets beef wet food. It's the only flavor and texture combination that two of my cats will eat, so it's what the others get as well. I'd like to try the TOTW wet food if they ever start producing it.
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I just finished transitioning our two kittens over to TOTW with no problems.
Took about a week mixing the Science Diet with TOTW, and yesterday was the first day they had all TOTW. They seem to love it.
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