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Science Diet C/D Multicare

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Hi All,

Wanted to get some opinions and thoughts. We have a male cat named Cody who is 6 years old. In 2006-2007 he had some issues going to the bathroom, numerous times they told us he had struvite crystals in his urine, told us to put him on a urinary tract food, we tried a few different kinds, purina one, etc etc. They also gave us the jelly looking stuff, forget what it was called. methoinine or something. In January of this year he was completely blocked, we rushed him to the emergency vet, he ended up with a cathether to remove the block and they flushed his system, gave him an IV etc, spent 2 nights in the hospital. After that the vet told us to put him on Science diet c/d multicare. I've read all the stories, not the best food, vet makes a ton of profit etc. I'm very very hesistant to switch him as I feel a not so good quality food may be best if it controls his condition. Do you all agree? I'm worried to switch him and have him end up in the same boat. I've tried to get him to eat wet food with no success, he just paws at it like it's you know what trying to cover it up.. haha.. I've tried putting a little on top of the dry food, tried different brands, nutro etc, no dice. He does have two of the water fountain things he loves. Any advice is appreciated, what do you guys and gals think?

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My Coco was on that for 2 years .
Everytime we took her off the food the problem came back.
We used the Purina S/O and Royal Canin Urinary also.
Have you tried the Royal Canin Urinary.
Coco liked that one the best.
I hope your cat will be ok.
My Coco is now on kidney food and the vet had a hard time decided if she should be on the kidney food because her bladder problems.
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Jeta is prone to struvite crystals. I choose to feed her raw rather than an rx food. I was lucky in that he took to the raw right away.
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I think if he's doing well with the Science Diet, just stick with it and don't worry about what other people are saying about quality etc. Your cat's health and happiness is what actually counts, IMO.

You and your vet are the ones who actually see and know your cat, so be guided by what's working for you. Good luck - I hope all continues to go well!
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My sister has a siamese who started to have urinary problems....blockages and infections...and her vet suggested the science diet cd multicare.He's been eating it for almost 2 years now....didn't like it much at first,though....and he's not had any recurrences at all.Just my observation but it seems to be working for him.
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My cats have been on it for a while now. It costs a lot, but there hasn't been anymore urinary problems. When it comes to my babies, cost doesn't matter. I would give it a try.
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that link has IMHO

there is a time and place for RX diets ... You may want to Discuss with the vet the kittys finickiness and possible other brands ...
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I'm very very hesistant to switch him as I feel a not so good quality food may be best if it controls his condition. Do you all agree?

I don't think so. I thionk a not so quality food has been causing the problems
My laymans opinion is that not so quality food contributed to and is now contributing to the problem
I'm very sorry for the troubles. I doin't know what to tell you except I truly believe a grain free wet food or a raw diet would be best. Have you tried raw?
Here are tips for trying to change foods for a hard to change cat.
Good Luck
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