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Ms. Ninnys obsessions

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I feel like a have the most prissy girl trapped in a kitty body. Her name is Stephanie, I have always called her Ninny for some reason. She is just over a year old and has been fixed since she was 4 months.
Ninny has two major obsessions in life- other than the obvious ones (treats and furry mice)
1st- She loves hair- ties. The elastic ones that I tie my very long hair back with. She spends all night sometimes with her skinny little arm stuck in the drawer that holds some of them. She opens the bathroom and kitchen drawer when she knows one random one is in there (and she KNOWS, I dont know how- but she does). She waits until I fall asleep and digs at the ones in my hair and the one I wear around my wrist sometimes. When she finally achieves her goal and has one to play with she takes it straight over to the only door in the house thats always closed and slides in under the door. I have found over 10 in there at a time. Why does she want these so much?
I buy her PLENTY of her own toys that she loves.
2nd, and most odd--- TAMPONS. When she hears the bathroom cabinet open she comes a running- no matter what. If she sees that is what I have she stares at in on the counter until I shew her off. Let alone if I leave it on the counter and walk away- as soon as I turn my back she's got it and she is OFF! She then wrips the paper off and leaves a big mess. This is not as odd as the hair ties but only because she doesnt get the chance as often to mess with these.
So, whats her attraction? I have loved and cared for many kitties since I was a kid, and they all have odd quirks- but its like she is attracted to the things she can tell that I rely on or something? Any ideas??
p.s. I would buy hair ties all day long for her to play with (not tampons for sure) so Im not looking so stop the behavior, it just curious and makes me wonder what she is up to and thinking!
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I think both things skitter across the floor and are cool to chase after. My cats love both those things. I just try and get the *ahem* tampons off the floor before anyone has a chance to see it.

If it makes 'em happy!
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Tampons do resemble mice with that string tail. I've had cats who preferred playing with used ones dug from the trash.
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I think that "Ninny" is a great name for a cat.
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I have to say that my cats have never played with either of those, but now this toy I saw on Etsy makes more sense to me.

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Ah what a little Ninny she is! So cute
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