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Pics from the farm!

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I am thinking of my goat Luna(she passed on this day last year) so in her memory I am sharing some pics of my other animals from the farm! I hope you enjoy!
This is my goat Celeste, she is 4yrs old and a boer, alpine, and pygmy x and the daughter of Luna(RIP)

This is my baby Gwain, he is a 1.5yr old pygmy and the biggest suck up ever!

This is Gallahad, he is a 1.5yr old pygmy and full brother of Gwain

Frigg is a registered pygmy and was bred year after year for the first 6yrs of her life before I rescued her. She is very shy!

Uggi is Friggs mate. They have been a breeding pair their whole lives. They are now around 7yrs old. He has since been wethered and is now the biggest begger who loves gingersnaps!!

This is my piggles named Pickles. She is a 1yr old potbellied pig who used to be a house pig but she liked it so much outside that she is now and outdoor piggy. She is a very small pig, around 50lbs full grown!

These are my ducks, Antoinette, Fergie, Willard, and Edgar. They are 8month old crested Appleyards.

My Easter egger rooster Kung Pao! He is a very friendly roo!

My other rooster Schezuan is some random mix of breeds, He is Pao`s right hand man!

Lastly my two gorgeous Japanese bantam hens Tangerine, and Peaches. I have around 10 hens of different breeds but I think these to are so stricking!

And this is my Luna may she rest in peace! I had her for four years before she passed, and I still have her daughter Celeste. She passed away giving birth to two kids after an accidental pregnancy(neighbours buck escaped and visited her). I lost her and the two kids that night, even after weeks of prenatal vitamins, and hours that night with my vet trying to save them. She is dearly missed! She was a Alpine x and an awesome milker!
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Aww!! I all your animals!!!! And their names are cute too

RIP Luna
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They are all adorable!
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I love all your critters, they are adorable
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Awww...seeing your goaties makes me miss mine; I have five back at my parents home, and I do get to see them over Thanksgiving...but man, I miss having them around! Yours are adorable! I have Pygmy and Nigerians
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they are lovely all of them..
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What a nice group of animals! RIP Luna
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Aww gorgeous animals! I Pickles, she is beautiful!
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