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A horrible tragedy......

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There was a horrid fire that raged through almost an entire block in the Bronx, NY in a commercial/residential area. One of the businesses was a pet store.
A bit more detail here...
No human casualties so far.....
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I was just reading that during my nightly news perusal (being a Queens native and all)...what a terrible story.

At least the FDNY was able to get 7 of the animals; it's still horrible about all the others.
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Well, it was wonderful that four of the pets were rescued but that neighborhood in the South Bronx is one of the worst and lowest income in NYC.

There are expensive areas in The Bronx in the Nortwest section with old mansions over looking the Hudson (it is always The Bronx, not Bronx because it was a landowner's estate in colonial times), middle class neighborhoods in the East Bronx and very poor and depressed neighborhoods in the South Bronx. This tragedy, in the South Bronx, is one in which a fire would not be unexpected.

I am just glad that 4 of the pets were rescued.

BTW, I went to an entrance by exam HS in the North Bronx in a nice middle class neighborhood. I chose to go to that school, even though I lived in Yonkers, north of The Bronx,because of its academic reputation. It really was a world of difference between the 2 parts of The Bronx. I always hoped that it would get better, but it obviously it has not.
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That's so sad.
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How saddening At least they were able to rescue some of the animals in that pet store.
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RIP to the ones that didn't make it
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