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Do hairballs cause diarrhea? (and other questions)

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Albus walked past me today, shortly after being in the litterbox. I reached down to pet him as he walked by and felt something on his tail as it went through my hand. I looked at my hand and I'm pretty sure it was poop.

I went straight to the sink, washed thoroughly. Then I got a damp paper towel and started "surface cleaning" Albus. He wasn't too fond of that, and kept trying to run away, so I was holding him by the collar. He started hacking, like he had a hairball, so I wiped him from his neck to the tip of his tail a couple more times and let him go. He continued to hack a little; it's not like he was really getting pulled on his collar that hard, so I'm wondering if he has a hairball.

I used to notice him hacking every couple of weeks, so I'd give him some hairball goop (which he loves!) and he'd be fine. I haven't been noticing him hacking as much. so I haven't been giving him the hairball goop as often.

Once in awhile, if he forgets to cover his poop in the litterbox, I do notice it's a little soft-bordering-on-runny. Could hairballs be causing diarrhea (or at least soft poops)? Everything else about him, health-wise, is normal, so I'm not too worried about him having a serious digestive problem- I think he just has a soft poop every now and then.

My other question is that I'm concerned with whatever bacteria is in his poop being on him, and consequently on me when I pet him, on furniture, etc. Is there something besides water I can clean him with to really clean him? I really don't want to give him a bath, but don't want to risk getting sick, either.
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with a hacking and diarrea I would be calling the vet ...

I use baby wipes for quick clean ups
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
with a hacking and diarrea I would be calling the vet ...

I use baby wipes for quick clean ups
Hacking & diarrhea could be due to any number of things. Usually continuous diarrhea is due to some kind of bacteria-related thing. My Winchester has occasional bouts of diarrhea, but in his case, it's b/c he's on Interferon for the dry form of FIP, and the Interferon can cause diarrhea. Geronimo's on it too for the same thing, but in his case, his sensitivity to the Interferon comes in the form of occasional vomiting - not diarrhea. Continuous hacking could be furball related, or it could be something else - possibly asthma related or URI related. Both Geronimo & Winchester hacked all the time before they were put on the Interferon treatment: now they only have hacking attacks occasionally.

It could be any number of things. Your best bet would be to have a vet check your kitty over.

I hope it's nothing serious.
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