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Cat troubles......

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So I am feeling horrible that Gracie was finally diagnosed with Hypothyroidism after a year of testing and treating for IBD, I should have followed my instinct all along-we started her on Tapazole and after 2 weeks of it she started vomiting everywhere and I mean everywhere, so we stopped the medication and started her on Carbimazole instead. In the meantime she vomits on the bed and when she is not vomiting on the bed one of the others has been peeing on it. We own 9 cats so it is always a challenge to figure out which one it is, but in this last weekend we have washed our ENTIRE bedding set-comforter included 7 times thanks to the cats! I took in my peeing suspects and turns out Dusty has both a UTI and a kidney infection and Turbo has a UTI as well. Now is there some crazy cat moon out of alignment or something-our cats are with us because they all have something "wrong" with them medically so they would otherwise be euthanized but for them all to fall apart at the same time seems a little crazy! Anyone else have a cat with thyroid issues and what did you find worked the best for treatment, I am at a loss because Gracie has lost soo much weight and the meds don't seem to agree with her but I cannot stand watching her waste away to nothing....
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This makes "It never rains, but it pours" an understatement!

To deal with the Hyper-T, I would join an online group of other kitty-parents who have been managing their Hyper-T cats' conditions successfully for years. There will be lots of experience to draw from and you'll be welcomed warmly. You'll find the group here.

On the UTI/bladder infection, expect a longer-than-usual course of antibiotics and, if it were I, I'd have a followup urinanalysis done 4-5 days after the meds are done.

I can only wish you the best!
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Sending you that is gets easier ...

Hyperthyroid is a treatable and manageable condition...
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I can sure relate to the "when it rains, it pours" thing: I have 2 cats who were 'diagnosed' with the dry form of FIP and who need to be on meds for the rest of their (hopefully long) lives, and yesterday I found out that Maverick has something wrong with his liver. They won't know for sure what it is till they do further testing.

I have no experience with Hyperthyroid, but if Sharky says it's treatable, your furbie will probably be okay with the proper meds. She knows what she's talking about, so try to have hope.

I hope everythings goes well with your baby.
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Thanks for the link to the thyroid group-we are trying to treat her the best way we can she just cannot handle any of the meds. As far as the peeing bunch-I guess it is not soo much that they have the problem as it is me-I just don't want to be "those people" whose house always smells like cat pee and no one wants to come over because of the smell. It is also annoying to have to wash your entire bedding set 4-5 times a day-we have since isolated them in the bathroom until their meds are gone and we know for sure that they are UTI free.

Thanks for all the help and support during this "rainstorm" or as i prefer to call it "hurricane"!
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Here is a link to the urinary group.
They have helped me with Coco alot.
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Have you looked into I-131 treatment for Gracie?

My Katie was hyperthyroid too, and like Gracie, didn't do well on the meds.

The I-131 treatment was terrific - no side effects, non-invasive and it worked. The down side is that it's expensive (but so are years of meds) and Katie had to stay at the animal hospital for 4 days. It was well worth it though, because it was so effective.

It's important to get the thyroid under control because unfortunately, until it is, other vital organs in the body can be damaged.

Best of luck to you, Gracie and all your kitties. Hope everyone's issues are resolved soon!
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I had thought about the I-131 treatment for her but I am only a few days into the new medicine and cost is a big issue at the moment. I do have the fortune of working for an all cat hospital so i get my meds at cost, so relatively cheap. The vet that I am working for has recommended that we do a thyroidectomy, but I am not sure that I want to get that drastic just yet, I want to see if the new medicine is working now that the old medicine has had time to get completely out of her system. I will be in touch with you though if I choose to do the I-131 for some support.
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My cat, Wyatt , was diagnosed with the hyperthyroidism when he was nine. While he was easy to pill and handled it well, keeping him on meds would have meant several trips to the vet a year (something that totally traumatized him). I went the I-131 route (yes, very expensive), but it was totally worth it. Once he came home, he gained back his weight easily and lived very happily for another 3 years.
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when you all say that the I-131 is expensive, if you don't mind my asking how much were you paying for it and how much stress did your cat go through? I am just trying to get her to feel better as soon as possible and I feel bad since the doctors I was taking her to did not discover the problem til a YEAR after we first noticed a problem, everyone kept saying that it was IBD but she just is a bag of bones and so scrawny from the cat that she used to be and seeing that she is only 6 yrs old I want to make sure that she lives a very long and happy life-afterall she is the LOVE of my husbands life (sometimes I think more so than me) and nothing can happen to her.
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