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Debbie, our local polar bear

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has died at the age of 42, she was the oldest living polar bear and has made it into the guiness book of world records.. she will truly be missed...
(mods you can move this thread).wasn't sure where to put it...
I have some photos of her taken last year in april

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What a lovely bear she was. RIP Debbie.
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I saw that on the news last night. She was a lovely girl. RIP Debby.
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She is beautiful and those are great pix. Thank you for sharing.
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We had a polar bear for years at the Denver Zoo. Her name was Velox, and her grave is next to the polar bear habitat even today. I remember her from my childhood. She was blind, but loved performing for the visitors.


Your city has my sympathy. I cried when she died. I was nine at the time.
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Awww, poor Debbie.
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Awww, I remember hearing this RIP Debbie
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I remember when she first came here as a cub and my Dad took me to see her. I was reading the paper today at work and I was all weepy
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ya I was pretty sad too..when I was reading about her..
I sent these photos to the zoo to see if they wanted them...
and to cbc and ctv...
ctv got back to me and said thanks for sending them...
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A bear named Debby. Just think how many people her life touched! Rest in peace, fuzzy girl.
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Sounds like Debby had a full life and touched many people. RIP Debby,
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