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Kitty pix

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I need an outlet for my kitty pictures. I'm sure you understand. So humour me! lol. Here's some new pictures.

I posted this one earlier but with the wrong link. So here's another try. You'll notice a theme with all my pictures. They all take place on the cat tree with this ugly green blanket. That's because all day long the cat vie for the top position. Toby will sleep for hours covered completely with this blanket.

This was a series of pictures I thought made a funny story. I call it Blinded by the Light... or.... Go Away.

And finally, we see that Sifto is usually the winner. But if Toby wants the privalidge of sitting with him...then he must wash his feet!

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Awwwwwwww - they are such hams aren't they!! Gotta love them
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How gorgeous they both are! I want a a bengal!!
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Beautiful kitties! Isn't it funny how they will get attached to a certain blanket?
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Your babies are adorable! I can't even pick a favorite of those pics.
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Wonderful colour on that bengal!
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They are such pretty cats!
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