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Fatal Error Notifications when Searching

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I'm trying to do a search on something and keep getting this error message:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 524288 bytes) in /home/tcs/public_html/forums/search.php on line 1151

It's more than a bit frustrating, to say the least. Any ideas?
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I too had gotten a few of those but only when the entire board was giving out an error message ...
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I program in PHP, that has to do with the server not having enough RAM to process the request that you gave it. There is a line of code you can add to the php script which would allocate more memory, but not recommended. They need to expand the capacity of their servers to meet the demand of traffic.
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Does it really take 32 MB of memory to process a search? Holy cow, no wonder most boards have flood control on searching.
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Is this error still occurring for you?
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I haven't needed to search for any topics since that day, so

I found the info I needed somewhere else not on TCS.
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Thanks for reporting this! I'll let our admin know and I'm sure it'll get fixed right away.
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it happened to me a few times today...
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Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post
it happened to me a few times today...
btw - it happens every time I try to search for cat acne. The only way around that for me is to search for acne instead... Funny....
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That might be due to using the keyword "cat" -- the search engine should filter that out as a word that's too common to search on, but if the common word list hasn't been customized for this website, maybe not and it's overloading the results with too many hits. Just a theory.
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Your theory does make a lot of sense - there is no problem when I search for acne alone...
I wonder what GingersMom was searching for?
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I think it had something to do with bringing a stray kitten into a home with 4 adult resident cats...but I can't recall the exact search terms I was using.
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I don't remember the search terms, but this happened to me a few days ago too.
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I think it's sorted now - unless anyone is still experiencing this?
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I've not been able to perform a search on my posts... says I have to wait 15 seconds... so I waited an hour and it told me I had to wait 15 seconds
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Yeah sometimes I get that too!
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You mean you search once, then got a wait 15 seconds message, came back an hour later, and tried searching but got the wait 15 seconds message again?

I can't remember if this board has a timer on the search flood control, but if you get that message you might try just staying on the search page if you see a countdown timer.
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