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Running out of ideas?

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I don't know what to do with Purgatory. We found him in August, got him all fixed up and neutured.

He's on meds (cant remember what) that's supposed to help with his aggression, but it does not affect him! He beats on the other cats constantly. I was brushing everyone, he was last. So I picked him up, sat down with him and went to groom him.

He started growling. So I grabbed his scruff and waited. I figured maybe he'd calm down in a couple minutes. No, he tried attacking my leg. So I stood up (still holding his scruff and supporting his back end) and put him in a dog crate for 5-10mins.

I let him out and he immediatly found the cat nearest hhim and attacked. I grabbed him again and put him in the crate for 5-10minutes.

What else can I do? I had an aggressive dog and there was a ton of info out there that really helped me with him, but I've never had a cat like this. Everyone goes "oh that's cool, he's a really neat cat"

Not when he's claws are digging into your skin! Not when he's biting you! Oh god, and the biting is worse. Ever since this feral cat bite me a couple weeks ago I've just be so terrified of being bitten again. And I know Purgatory won't be nearly as bad, but it still freaks me out when he gets like that.

He's a total sweet hear outside, but inside he's not. I'm almost certain it's because of the other 3 cats. I'd like not to medicate him anymore. It's not working and I just don't like it. What else can I do to help him?
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Some cats need to be only cats.

Or you might want to build something like this: http://habitathaven.com/
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Was he a former outside cat? Perhaps that would make him happy again, if you can put an enclosure with a shelter for him, he would have the best of both worlds-care from you and safety in the outdoors. Good luck!
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