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feeling very very over whelmed....Dh brought cat home..going back for kitten

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Well guys I need all the good vibes you can send me. Hubby just came home in a work truck and said "I know this is a very bad idea but..." Opens the door and a small gray tabby cat is in there. Next words out of his month was her baby is stuck in the wall at work. They said it has been there for a day or too, but the guys at work didn't want me to know.
Dh can't just let that baby die, so he is taking his tools to work and going to cut open the wall. His boss told him not to, and he told his boss to go..ummm...i can't say those kinda words on this board. So we have mommy now, and baby should be here shortly. I still havn't caught lilly, actually haven't seen her in a week so I think we are taking this cat to the vet tomorrow in place of lilly and getting her fixed and she can live outback. His work called some guy that takes cats and hubby said over my dead body and grap the kitty in the trap and brought it home. I'm in tears, I just feel like there is so many cats and so few of me. I don't even want to think what would have happened if he wasn't there. If everyone can send me some everything is going to be okay vibes it would mean alot of me. So he should be bringing the kitten back soon.
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Your husband is WONDERFUL! I could hug him -- I'm sure you are so proud of him!

I think of it this way -- everything in life happens for a reason. Maybe these kitties were meant to be with you!
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if it is an all black kitten, i know it is a sign. That is what i have wanted all my life. So we will see what color the baby is. I want him to hurry up and get home. I'm so worried about the little one mommy seems to be calming down, i'm going to take a pic of her and post it in this thread.
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Val, I'm thinking of you and sending lots of good vibes.

Something that helps me when I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed is organisation. Write down each cat that you have and their kittens (if any) and their DOB and in the next column, write down the things the cat HAS has had eg. Vaccinations, Spay, Neuter and also anything the cat hasn't had yet. Then you'll get an idea of who's had what, some of the costs (most of us try not to think about this bit too much) and also you'll be able to see the commitment you've made to these cats on paper.

Remember, you are allowed to say no. Maybe you could take in the Mum and kitten for a couple of days to make sure they're well and take them to a no-kill shelter. You're doing so much for these cats - try not to let yourself get to the point where there are so many, you feel like you can't help any of them. You have to look after yourself first, even if it is so you can provide the care and attention to all the cats you already have.

Just my

You are an
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Ohh - I know - I know. But very soon Tabby's place will be open - maybe you can establish a relationship with them. That would make things so much easier for you knowing you would be dealing with quality people.

Heads up!!! .and here is their website again!!


Good Luck,

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here is a pic of her.

I can't say no there is only one no kill shelter around here and when nanook ran way they were really nasty to us, I don't trust them with the animals. And it being kitten season, I don't want to steal any homes away from other cats. I just keep telling myself it will be okay.

this poor girl is STRAVING. she ate three cans of food. (we have a safty opener so the can isn't sharp, so she can eat right out of there)
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wow that is a great site! It will be wonderful when it opens. I wonder how far milford is from vineland. I would love to work there.
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Val, is she feral or domesticated?
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Looks like they are about 100 miles apart (boo!). I too was impressed by the link to that cat sanctuary -- looks like a wonderful place!!

milford to vineland nj
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dh says he used to feed her as a kitten, so he can get close to her but she growls and runs away. So i guess she would be another feral. Snowwhite was like that when we first found her, so i'm sure we can tame her, she is just going to take some work. I'm going to have to call around to my doggie friends and see if anyone has a big crate they aren't using, so she has some place to stay after she gets fixed tomorrow. I guess it was lucky we have that appointment.
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Shes a very pretty girl, Val I know this must be hard for you- I'm sending out lots of good vibes to you and your kitty family.

Just think of all the good Karma this kind of stuff brings your way It will all work out in the end.
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Originally posted by catsplay.com
Looks like they are about 100 miles apart (boo!). I too was impressed by the link to that cat sanctuary -- looks like a wonderful place!!

milford to vineland nj
that really stinks! I think dh and I need to move out of south nj.
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Hmm, I swear I replied to this earlier....

Val, you and your husband are angels for caring so much. There are so many who don't..... You are giving this cat and her kitten a shot at life, at living. No matter if you keep her or find a home for one or both, they will be better off for having you two come into their lives.
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thank you guys, you are making me feel better!! Still waiting to hear about the kitten, I hope it is okay. Maybe he got it and someone at work wanted to give it a home. Hopefully he will call or come home soon and let me know.
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Val, thank goodness for your hubby. She is such a pretty kitty. I hope he can get the kitten out. Sending good vibes your way.
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Val, it's only 87 Miles - just a little over an hours drive - that's not so bad - REALLY!!! If need be I could always meet up with you 1/2 way!!!
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What a couragious man your hubby is!!!! I can't wait to hear the news when he comes home with the baby....
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still haven't heard anything from him! I hope the baby was okay, i knkow if it broke something he would take it right to the vet and not even call me. He gets off work at five so hopefully I will know something soon. I hope he was able to get it out
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Just a word of caution. Don't overextend yourself, emotionally, financially and physically in this cause. There are so many cats and kittens out there in need, but you CAN'T save them all. I know, I have tried. In saving these cats, you commit to caring for their basic needs, and their most important needs are food, vet care-spay and neutering to be the top of the list! And of course love. The only thing free on that list is your love. Please just be careful how many cats you accumulate. And kudos to you for trying to find other placements for these cats/kittens, but once they are in your care, they are sooo easy to fall in love with and your thoughts may be "what's one more cat?" And you can say No, it is difficult, but it can be said.
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wow, Val, I really admire you and your husband for neing so wonderful and caring.
I hope everything works out. Please keep us posted!!!!

I do agree with hissy though, don't ware yourself out! We all know how wasy it is to fall completely inlove with those furry creatures, and it is very hard to say no.

Nevertheless, when fate brings you such a gift, don't turn away... I believe that your husband was there for a reason!

Good luck, and sending some loving vibes and "everything will be okay"s !! :flash:
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There was a story on the Pittsburgh TV news yesterday that the Humane Society had to pick up 40 cats in one day. Nine of those were turned in by a heartbroken, kindhearted woman in her thirties. The newscaster interviewed her. She couldn't resist taking them in, and dearly loves them, but still has 19 cats to care for. I felt so sorry for her; it just got to be too much. She couldn't afford it any more. She just didn't have the money or energy after work to care for them as she felt she should. I can see how easily that could happen to an animal lover! Val, you're doing more than your share. By the time all the cats are neutered, fed, and get their shots regularly, the expense can get prohibitive! And you're giving your heart too, like this poor young woman on the news.

The other 31 were all picked up at the home of someone who had died. How tragic! I was going to post this in SOS, but when I saw this thread I thought it was apropos. I can't go to an animal shelter, never could. I had to face my limitations. I still have to take into consideration the fact that people drop their kittens off at the homes of those people with a cat sitting on their windowsill.
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it is just ashame that money has to be an issue. I emailed my spca to see if I could "adopt" my cats from them because it would be cheaper and they still have not gotten back to me. Dh and I are going to have to think of a game plan tonight. I did get one very very nice donation so that should cover all the costs for three of the cats. If we take it in steps it should be too bad. this is what I'm planning..

1. The new kitty will go tomorrow and get shots and be fixed on friday. she will be an outside barn cat.

2.Lilly will go next week, get her tested for felv and fiv, since she is ashtons sister if she doesn't have it ashton shouldn't either. she will be an outside barn cat

3. I'll have to make an appointment for ashton, and hopefully he can be an inside cat.

4. snowwhite and babies will go in about 5 weeks when the babies are 8 weeks old for there shots and snowwhite will get fixed. She will be an outside cat. Nimby, stormy, and blizzy (we might find blizzy a home) will be inside cats.

and then that just leaves sherbert to get fixed, and he would be an outside kitty.

When I think of it that way, it doesn't sound toooo bad.
Neo and MoeMoe are giving me dirty looks
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Val, I know that most people-- on occasion, even a vet might say 8 weeks is sufficient time for a kitten to stay with mom and the littermates. I believed that myself at one time. That is not the case. The experts and breeders, except for the inexperienced or unethical ones, will assure you that kittens need an extra four weeks. I bred and showed dogs and bred traditional Siamese cats for years. I learned that it's important for these little ones to stay and learn from mother and from playing with their siblings. Although mother might have weaned them all earlier, they learn from interacting with mother and siblings.
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can she still spend time with them after she is fixed. I'm really worried about her going into heat again and when she starts weaning she gets kinda mean she used to hiss and ashton, lilly and sherbert and chase them. With the kittens being in the room with her they won't be able to get away.
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Val, have you thought about doing shots, yourself? When I had six cats, it saved me a lot of money. I bought the vaccines at a ranch supply and there are pet supply catalogs, that sell in bulk lots of 12+ vials.

Full shots, for each cat, would have cost me $28, at the vet. Doing it myself cost $15. Multiplied by 6 cats, this saved me $78.

I don't know about where you live but I didn't need a prescription, to buy vaccines and syringes at the ranch supply. The catalogs require one but a responsible vet would understand why you're trying to save a little money. The only vaccine that I can't buy here, is rabies but I keep an eye out, for low-cost shot clinics.

Good luck.
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I think I would be to scared to do shots myself! Once a year they have a free rabies clinic at the fire station, so I guess I'll just catch all the outside guys and take them to that when they are do that will be pretty interesting. But I really want to make sure everyone is always up to date on rabies shots.
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Val, It's possible, in fact, likely that a female will come in season while she is still nursing the kittens. When they can eat independently, and that won't be long, get her spayed ASAP or she will breed. Ask the vet how long to keep her away from the kittens. She will still be able to teach them and interact, and they will have each other to play with. Kittens will nurse for months and months, if mother cat allows it!

I had a stray neutered the same day the kittens were born, because she had to have a Caesarean. The vet allowed her to come home very early to care for her kittens. However, newborns don't push and knead as hard as your kittens do now, and not as likely to hurt her incision.
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Val I would not have the mom spayed until the kittens are weaned. I would however have any stray males neutered, so that the kitten population does not explode and the kittens are not in danger from an intact male finding them. And I would not under any circumstances let snowwhite outside for any reason until she is fixed.
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That's ideal, but I know of a new breeder whose queen has got pregnant because she didn't know the female could get pregnant while nursing. You'll have to watch her really closely.
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Val, I am only about an hour away from you. My BF and I give our cats their shots. If you get the vaccines, we can come over and give them to the cats if that would help. (I'm a nurse, he is a former EMT). Rabies shots have to come from a vet, but the regular 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 shots can be given by anyone.

Let me know if we can help.

Your husband is an angel for going back to help that kitten, and so are you for all you've been doing for the kitties!
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