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Anal leakage? Gross, need help.

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Well, I am thinking that Kitty (1.5 yr old, spayed) might have some kind of anal leakage problem. Is this even possible?

We know that sometimes when sleeping she pees. Kitty also has problems with eliminating soliods. She is mostly Manx (no tail) and has nerve problems, apparetly, in her lower spine. Ive got her solids under control finally, but not always the liquids coming out.

Lately Ive noticed that sometimes when she naps on my lap some liquid comes out of her rear end. We assumed it was pee, but now Im sure it is not always pee. Last night it happened, and the difference is that it stinks soooooo bad!!! You can sometimes see it coming out in small little droplets. It smells like dirty bottom. What could this be, and I hope there is a cure.
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Please get to the vet ... this could simplely be a manx issue or something far more serious like a anal gland infection ...
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Ditto, the fluid in anal glands REAKS... I bet it's that. Go to the vet & google it too.
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My guess would also be an anal gland issue. Maybe it's as simple as them needing to be expressed.
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I would see a vet. My Levi tends to have anal gland problems and it is not pleasant, but with him I have learned to express them. As long as I express them when needed he does not get an infection. A vet can express them and determine if an antibiotic is needed. I have however heard that some times Manx cats have bladder control issues. Either way it's worth a trip to the vet.
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I thought only males had the anal glands problem??
Bobs had this a while early fall. Her stools haven't been totally firm. She hunts though and eats her kills and is very prone to worms so I dewormed her and that took care of the problem. But had been leaving little poop spots where she would lay down.
She is a bobtail-her tail maybe a couple of inches. Maybe more prone to that too??
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kitty does have bladder probs too. having no tail causes her all sorts of probs

i did some searching on here, and i think her loose stools might be to blame. its an off and on prob, so i dont think its serious. she will be going to the vet soon for rabies booster shot soon anyway.
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Please let me know how your vet visit goes. My baby, Emily (4 months old) is having similar problems. She's also part manx and has about a 4 inch long tail. She has loose stool off and on and sometimes when she sits down on something she leaves a little stinky, poo spot. So gross. We just got her back from the vet and a thorough check up because we just adopted her from foster care. She was given a clean bill of health but this poop thing has me concerned. Maybe it's just stress from getting used to a new home. Or food allergy or just a Manx thing. Maybe we need another vet trip.
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What do you feed your kitty?

My cat Taco is a Manx. I adopted him when he was about 8 weeks old. He has a droopy stump for a tail. When I first got him, for months and months I had to deal with his loose-ish poops that would mess up his droopy stump of a tail and it would leave similar messes and it took years to figure out HIS problem; i spent hundreds of dollars, special diets, vet trips, antibiotics, steroids.............for him it turned out to be that he just couldn't tolerate any kind of food with "grains" in it: corn, wheat, rice, etc. At least now they make a lot of good quality cat food that's grain-free, both dry and canned. Wellness Core, Orijen, Instinct, etc. Might be something for you to consider.
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I feed both my cats Innova EVO grain free all life stage dry food.
They also eat Natures Instict Lamb wet food, and also some Nutro naturals pouches wet food.

Kitty is not going to the vet I decided. We all already know what they will say...shes a Manx, sorry. She has been fine since the first post, so it was probably just the loose stools lately that messed with her. I ran out of good food two days and fed her something witth alot of grains (Sheba) cause its easy to get.

anyway, thats all for now. it sure does stink!
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